A solution against double ultras: make second and further ultras breakable

Nice point! I have tried to bring it up on several occasions but it gets overthrown. There was nothing more competitive than fighting a intense match all the way to the very end, busting into your practiced/rehearsed ultra combo 5-6 hits in then BOOM,ULTRA BREAKER. Luckily your opponent saved his instinct plus his shadow meter or maby they gained it back while u were pummeling them,either way the ultra breakers were a must,and more so now then ever. Is being ultra’d really death ? Shouldnt a NO MERCY mean certain death?

KI2 didn’t have Triple Ultra Combos or Online Multiplayer. When people sit at home and have lost a game, they just want to move on to the next. And the easiest way to do that is just to be able to leave the fight when they’ve lost.

Honestly, for myself, if a player fought a really good fight and bested me, I honestly don’t mind a double, triple ultra, especially if they do a bunch of fancy stuff. If I get beat my a Sadira better than me, I’m almost half expecting to see something awesome on their end.

I enjoy the creativity…

Having said that though… If I get a jerk who lags the match and teabags me through various LAGerithims and then manages to beat me. I won’t stay for one Ultra, needless to say 3. If a person can’t play fair, I won’t allow any flourish.

how the ■■■■ do you break an ultra if your dead


I think this thread has come to a full circle.

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