A quick rundown of what the DEFINITIVE EDITION is and isn't

I have noticed there seems to be some confusion about the Definitive Edition in regards to stuff like how to access it, what is included, how it works…etc. So I thought I might go through a few things I have figured out to help others struggling.

First off: the DE content IS NOT part of the KI game…it is a front-end program that loads up KI, KI classic, KI2, and contains all the bonus features…which includes all the documentaries, the map feature, the full soundtrack for all of KI…all of it…all 3 seasons, Killer cuts & Gold cuts (the CD is separate, and only has a few of the tracks) , all the trailers, everything. Think of it as a mini Rare Replay, where the only 3 games are KI. I would assume this is also why the DE won’t transfer over to PC, especially if you got the disk.

Also, you don’t have to uninstall KI if you already have everything digitally. When you put in the disk it’ll pop up a menu that has all of the content to download. The DE app is included and is about 6GB. THAT is what you want to launch if you want to access all the goodies.

Finally, Unless it’s been fixed by now, the gold skin code doesn’t work @rukizzel said they were looking into it.

I hope this will help alleviate a lot of the questions everyone seems to be having about how it works.


So the “other” content is actually exclusive then? But it’s nothing super “new” right?

The interviews are new, mostly…I think some of the artwork is new…I could be wrong on that. It also has bios for everyone.

New bios? Or ones we already know/have?

I didn’t read them all, but from the ones I did they encompass everything storywise about the characters up to Shadow Lords.

Can’t wait to get it then.

Check out eyedols backstory.

Anyone know how to get to this menu with the digital version?

@WrathOfFulgore So you are saying I should load the disc in order to get the behind the scenes and bios? Will that just over rite the old KI file or add a totally new file?
Wait so if Im reading correctly, you can just download the DE app and leave everything else that you already have?
I dont want to put the disc in and all of a sudden have to wait a while for everything to re-download for no reason.

Thanks for sharing this info

The downloads go very fast if you have the stuff already downloaded.

You should see the DE app (yes, app) in the ready to install section. We had an issue with publishing yesterday but from what I heard it is all fixed.


Yeah, from my experience I didn’t redownload KI or install it from the disk or either of the classic games, just the DE app. And when you do KI will still work fine disk or no disk, but you will have to put the disk in to run the DE app.

Now I’m wishing there was a DE upgrade option for people with all 3 seasons that want the new content.

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Thanks dude! I’ll give it a go tomorrow.
Kind of sucks the unlocked Astral stage didn’t carry over from the beta into the new patch but the achievements and consumables,e ct… did. O’well I guess Ill run through SL again real quick.

Good luck. I played against Gargos on normal with 1 buff removed, killer guardians, wolf hearts, and while I wasn’t playing with my mains he DESTROYED me…I mean triple perfect.


Damn that sucks… James G said everything would carry over from beta to full release. I wonder why the stage didnt carry over? Did it for you?

Anyone here have their astral plane carry over unlocked from the beta? Or did every one start the new SL patch with a locked Astral plane?

Pretty sure the stage re-locked for everyone.

No, everything I’ve heard is they relocked it so you would have to fight Gargos all over again.

Boooooo lol

Owell makes sense. Its just such along drawn out process to get back to Gargos without taking the risk of getting your asss handed to you with a triple perfect lol

Yeah, and that ham was a bit too salty and hard to swallow.