A quick rundown of what the DEFINITIVE EDITION is and isn't

I lie Shadow lords but I dont like how long and slow it plays. I get kind of bored to be honest. Overall its really awesome but its not very …uhhh… its easy to loose focus or get bored with it IMO
I guess it depends on what kind of mood im in.

Yeah honestly I still think it would go great hand-in-hand with an arcade mode.

Does the Definitive Edition come with another 18k KI Gold like the Supreme Edition and S3 Ultra Edition? And if so, does this mean people who already have the base game can restock their KI Gold by purchasing the DE?

No it doesn’t.

no it does not

@rukizzel @FulMetalSnorlax
Well darn. That would have been super cool.
Ah well. I’ll probably still get it eventually.

Very good to know about the Killer Instinct Definitive Edition man :slight_smile:

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Same. I bought everying digitally at full price and would love to just be able to buy the DE content as an add-on.

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Can someone please explain how definitive edition works step by step to a noob like me?
I explain better: I’ve Killer Instinct on my Xbox from two years and so, best purchase of my life imho, all season installed, Shago and some dlc bought, almost all colors/customizations unlocked, etc.
I bought KI:DE (a physical copy discounted from Amazon) yesterday in order to obtain Gargos’s skins and bonus contents BUT I’m literally terrified given the fact KI seems to have a very “fragile installation” (I continue reading in bug section of people having so many problems with this game, losing content they bought, being unable to even launch the game and so on without a resolutive answer from anyone…for a product already paid…) I prefer not risk my installation which has worked fine til now only to see some bio.
Is there a way to install only bonus content (artworks, bios, videos, etc.) without touching the already installed game? If so, what happens if I insert the disc? It will ask what I whant to install or it does all automatically skipping my already installed contents?
Please help!

Thank you in advance

Yes. When you insert the disk go to the section where it shows all the content on the disk and simply load the KI definitive edition app and nothing else. It’s actually what I did simply because I didn’t need to reinstall KI, and everything worked fine.

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Thank you, my friend :thumbsup:

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Just a quick question but are DE users technically eligible to get the Christmas cosmetics (Orchid color and weapons, Combo and Wulf items)? I checked some older topics that said you needed the Ultra version of a KI season to be eligible but the DE has those included, yet despite getting the Gold Skins and the 3 bonus characters I didn’t get the Christmas stuff. I’ve mainly been curious about this since seeing a topic on the KI Steam forum some time back where someone got the items on that version of the game.

If it helps, I’ve only owned the basic versions of all three seasons but later bought a physical copy of the Definitive Edition.

From what Ive understood over the years is you can only Down load them when MS makes them available in the in game store. Usually around Xmas they do this but its been a while. You just have to grab em when they pop up.

I could be wrong though