A New Take On Aganos

I will prefrence this forum by saying that I don’t think Aganos needs dramatic buffs or anything, but I do think the character could benefit from a change

Many people claim that Aganos needs a better instinct or more damage in combos but I suggest that Aganos really only needs 1 change to make him better.

That change is a new attack, sort of. To change far HP into a long ranged over head ground pound. This attack would not be an overhead and would fall just shy of the range of cr. HK. The attack would also have its own hurt box (similar to Glacius’s lance) so that you can’t spam it or you might take a DP or cr. HP. It wouldn’t cause a knockdown but also wouldn’t be special cancelable. It would however have a 10 or so frame start up and deal considerable damage.

I think adding this attack would make Aganos more powerful but not OP because it would indirectly give him a damage boost and reward the player for using pokes and playing neutral ( what Aganos is about anyway ) this would also grant a new mid screen option for Aganos besides, MP, cr. HK, and Clobber Copter.

What do you guys think? I think Aganos is viable as he is, but this change would improve him to make him on par with the cast.

Hi MonseiurDerp. Thanks for your contribution, but Im afraid that your suggestion doesnt solves Aganos biggest problem: his up close game without chunks.
Throw baits with empty jumps are his worst enemies and he has few ways to respond it

Yes getting in on Aganos is his weakness but it should remain that way. Its the way to beat the character and what makes him so unique; strip away his armour and then pressure him to death (literally!). So by strengthening Aganos’s defence without chunks you would be removing a bit of that ideology. Instead your gonna want Aganos to keep the opponent away or to always be on offence. It’s like Kan Ra. It’s a pain to get it but once you do you’re golden. It wouldn’t make sense to give Kan Ra a free reversal. He has to spend his resources to have a good defence, same with Aganos. If you take that principle away than what’s the point of grabbing more than one chunk? Yes Kan Ra’s reversal is easier to get and use, but it is severely less rewarding and is easy to safe jump. Aganos’s defence gets him full combos or puts you full screen with Aganos at advantage.

I agree in not giving him a invincible shoryuken, but I think he lacks a good defensive option.

We were discussing about what could make him more competitive in this thread:

Join us if you wish and let’s discuss together about our favorite giant :blush:

Aganos has the most defensive options in the game.

  • Shadow Pulverize; to avoid grabs

  • Shadow Ruin; to punch through any other type of attack

  • back + LP; fantastic anti air

  • Down + HP; anti air that when combo’d into H ruin sends the opponent full screen

  • HP; great mid ranged anti air that sends the opponent away from you

  • shadow Natural Disaster (hold); can be used to beat out fireball setups from spinal and fulgore, as well as beat (to my knowledge) every jump in attack in the game. Plus you can recapture off of it for a full combo

I don’t see why Aganos needs another defensive option. Getting caught by empty jump/grab mixups isn’t on the character, it’s on you if you can’t anti air properly.

Also I specifically made this forum because other forums talking about Aganos suggest changes that are either rediculus ( like giving him a reversal) or not plausible to put into the game. People just assume Aganos needs radical changes, but really he only needs a slight tweak.

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Not talking about big changes, only adjustements, and either case, it’s only speculation between us.

My point is that Aganos is easily the character that spends more of his time defending than the rest of the cast. Although he has some good defensive options as the ones you listed, his size and frame data plays against him in most scenarios. It’s true that not all characters have a reversal, but they don’t have huge hitboxes like Aganos. I’m not suggesting a shoryuken, but you have to agree that his “comeback factor” when cornered it’s less than the rest. The majority of the fighter’s instinct gives them some short of boost to their defensive tools(armor, resources that leads to safe moves, infinite counters…), but Aganos’ peacewalker does little for him when cornered, and this is more true if you don’t have meter.

No radical changes should be asked, but as I said, I think that Aganos’ problem is not his offensive tools(he has enough and good tools), but his defensive are only… situationally decent at best?

Aganos spends most of his time defending because he’s a defensive character. Plus Aganos’s instinct isn’t traditional. I have discovered that the best way to use it is in combo. For example when used he gets a 50%+ unbreakable corner combo that does even more if it’s through a wall. Also with 1 bar and instinct he can setup two walls and punch you through both of them in one combo. Not to mention against certain characters you can zone them with the peace maker to get chunks. Aganos’s instinct isn’t Wulfs or Sadiras but it can be good you just need to be creative with it.

I think Aganos would benefit from a damage buff, but outside of a combo. So by adding the attack I mentioned earlier he could get that minor damage buff, and be better in neutral because the opponent can’t jump over it like they can with cr. HK, so in a sense Aganos’s defence is also improved because the opponent will have a harder time getting in, but is equally rewarded.

First of all bloody fix ruin. I have it a ton that my ruin doesn’t wall crush. I don’t know why but I think that is kinda dumb. Do you agree? How do oyu do this combo you are talking about?

At max range of HK and near a wall

HK, H payload assault, Instinct cancel, throw the bat, shadow ruin.