A new kind of "run"

In order to do more than half of Sabrewulf’s special moves, you have to perform a run 1st (b, f+K). However, with the looming update of S3 approaching, I had an idea.

What if they changed it? Instead of having to do the run 1st, they changed Sabrewulf’s specials to be more like TJ’s special moves? So, you could simply press b, f+LK; b, f+MK; or b, f+HK to get the special moves out that would normally be associated with the run. This would eliminate any kind of delay and allow you to do the attacks from a standing position. To compensate, you could still do the run by pressing f,f but then holding it on the 2nd press of the input (similar to Spinal) and any of the 3 special attacks by pressing any of the 3 kick buttons to cancel out of the run (similar to Shago’s Dark Fury cancel from dash).

Personally, I think this method would put him more in line with other characters, as well as his linkers, while making his openers simply easier and faster to pull off.

What do you guys think? Do you think this is a change that could or should happen in S3? Why or why not?

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Okay so, nearly 24 hours later, and not a single reply? I’ll have you know, that this makes me sad… :frowning: :cry:

That being said, thanks for the like. :wink:

Could be interesting. It’d need to keep his awesome forward dash in place, but I could see something like Riptor where Wulf could cancel this new run into the same specials (run>light=hamstring, run medium= leap, etc) while keeping the same moves in manual input.
Would need to rework the muscle memory on my Wulf stuff though.

Alternatively, I was thinking maybe they could keep the run as it is input wise, but give it the ability to low-profile under fireballs like Hisako’s Forward Dash/Riptor’s Predator Stance.

It be that way sometimes. As for your original post, I’m not familiar with Sabrewulf and TJ Combo mechanics.

It’s not you, GG, I think the dog just doesn’t get as much attention or love on the boards, at least that’s how it was on the previous forums. Maybe it’s different now, especially with all the nerfs he got for season 3?

Anyways, I like the idea of making his specials off of run more like TJ’s, but I think I’d almost rather see them switch to down/forward moves without run, or just pressing the button on run. I’m not sure I’d want to switch his run to ff(hold), as his dash game is so important, I could totally see myself accidentally holding it too long when meaning to dash or getting frustrated because the second you have to hold the direction for is an extra second that you’re not doing what you want to do.

I personally wouldn’t mind another special move that didn’t require the run at all, as it does seem strange that so many of his specials are run reliant, while TJ has that plus regular moves. I know that there are other differences, but still. Maybe a low hitting version of his ragged edge? It probably shouldn’t be the same exact animation but lower, as that could look a bit confusing in the heat of a match, but maybe something that involves claws and biting? Just throwing ideas out there.

I like where you’re coming from here!

So I’m a complete scrub, and my opinion matters very little. When I first picked up KI and Wulf, I wished that I could skip the Run. Going straight into Hamstring or Leaping would’ve been really convenient. It took a little bit of work to get the commands down.

But I like it the way it is for two reasons.

One, I come from Soul Calibur. As that series is pretty much dead, and I miss slide inputs, I like that the Run specials are, essentially, slides. It’s nostalgic and a bit intuitive for me to think of them that way.

Two, Run cancels. I haven’t really messed around with it yet, but as soon as I get some locals going, I’ll see what kind of mind games Run cancels hold. If I can get someone to stay still at mid-close so I can sneak an Overpower in with it, it’s worth it to have that ability. f, f(hold), b is probably more difficult to execute reliably for a cancel.

That being said, with the Run speed updates coming in, sliding b, f mk hk will be different than b, f hk hk…