A Little Help for a frustrated Eagle Main

I’m tired…

I’ve tried of having to explain that Eagle isn’t broken. I’m tired of being told i use Eagle to be cheap and get easy wins. I just want to play a character i think is cool. I’m just getting tired of it.

Does anyone have a better way to explain why he isn’t braindead and broken. I mostly focus on bad defense and low damage, but they never listen. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do when talking to these people.

Just do what I do with Glacius.

Say your piece, and know you’re right. If people can’t back up their reasoning, then they’re just making themselves more frustrated.

Eventually it will stop affecting you if you just let it slide.


His defense is worse than Kan-Ra’s… There you go… issue resolved.

Or you could reply… “At least I didn’t use Rash.”


I’ll be frank. No, i do not. Everybody is going to have an opinion regarding Eagle much in the same way i feel and hear many players talk about Hisako/Thunder/etc.

I’m really not trying to interject myself into this, but I’ve fought talented players that run all those characters. Like you with Eagle, Hologram with Thunder, Storm with Hisako. Had my fair share of washings from them, but it hasn’t biased my thought that it’s more the players that are strong than the characters. Let’s be fair though, it isn’t like those three characters aren’t oppressive in their own right. Because they are. But not a single balanced character is ever going to make you feel like you don’t get to play the game, that’s a strength of their players. And i feel like people point the finger at the character rather than acknowledging the player.

So how do you go about explaining it? As best you can, i believe. Explain the strengths and weaknesses as you know them. Dedicated and intelligent character specialists like all the ones i mentioned can give insight others may not have. Which leads to this…

Determine if you and the other person are having a discussion with one another or you are trying to force an opinion down each other’s throat. If it’s the former (which i feel you’re more apt to do from my conversations with you, Joker) then just hope for the best that you guys can see it from each other’s perspectives, even if you don’t agree. If it’s the latter, exit stage left. Go have yourself a beer or something.

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JUst ignore them…are you getting messages on XBL? If so go into settings and change your message settings to friends only. That way you will never receive a message from a troll.




@FallibleJoker14 you don’t owe anybody an explanation for using a character. It is true that of all the cast, Eagle has some of the most impressive oppression, but it is balanced by the fact that his defense is garbage.

People that send messages trying to tear you down because of the character you use, don’t want a conversation, they want an excuse as to why they suck.

Balance is something that the devs have to keep an eye on, not you.

I think the only time this whole ordeal becomes sort of grey, is when somebody uses “broken” tech that was never intended, such as Sadira’s ability to Spin to Win, or her ability to generate 90 to 100% damage due to a web bug. I saw both of these frequently used in tourneys before they were patched, and some people felt it was okay as it was in the game, but others felt it was cheating…

However, using a character to the optimum potential is never a bad thing.

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Lol, I wish people would be this open to ideas.

It’s true, my characters offense is crazy, but people don’t realize how much stuff they are allowed to do to me on wakeup. They completely diregard that topic. They just talk about unbreakabke combos (which do like 9% damage) and safe moves with bird. I try to give advice how to play but they never usually listen and just call me names and stuff. It’s not a huge deal buts it’s hard to talk to these kinds of people, idk why I still try to make my point but I feel like I have to explain to them why I think how I do.

It usually begins with a message of how cheap Eagle is and how I’m a scrub for using him. You can tell where it heads from there. I don’t try to be rude or anything but they insist to just bash on the character and it gets my frustrated. I wish I could ignore them or have a better conversations but you don’t always get your wish you know.

Lol sure, I guess you encourage underage drinking :laughing: kappa. (I’m guessing you don’t know, but I’m only 17)

I could do this…but there are still people online you want to learn more about Eagle that ask me and others you simply want to play me that aren’t in my friend list. Although I don’t like those people who can’t express their hatred towards Eagle correctly, I’d also like to meet new potential online friends.

Lol, I guess I’m just trying too much to justify Eagle. I feel the game is greatly balanced with all its crazy shenanigins but a lot of people don’t have the same viewpoint, sure I think Eagle is strong but not broken. People would rather express anger rather then talk it out.

■■■■, as playing Eagle enough didn’t make my head hurt already :yum:

I knew you were going to use this excuse…IM sorry but if these trolls are bothering you so badly you come here to vent and seem so confused and depressed about it… then those few that ask good questions do not out wiegh teh bad ones. THere for its not worth leaving it on. IF those ppl really want to ask you a question about how to be better they can add you as a friend and you will get thier message.

I guess you do make a good point. I’ll see if it continues to be bad and I’ll do that if I have to. It’s not that big of a deal either. Just some online frustration that’s all :yum:

I totally get it… I too had this problem. It wasnt about my character, but i was getting messages from just about 90% of my oppoenents that were just rude. And it ussually would come from the same ppl that I would consistently come across online. So its like they knew it would get under my skin.

So I finally reached out here to see if I could only receive messages from friends…and come to find out an update last year allowed this. So I went in and turned it to friends only messages. Now I never get any messages LOL. Ive sent messages to tea bagging trolls and I never get a response so I guess it works!
But honeslty I think anyone that gets rude messages should use this feature becausethe more often you get rude messages the more liley you are to respond even more rudely and can cause a ban.

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Meh. I think turning off messages is unnecessary (and you’ll miss out on meeting some cool people). Just ignore the initial hate message, or do like I do and respond with “Ok” when someone sends a salty message.

Trying to argue how fair or not fair your character is after you beat someone is a fool’s game though. I can almost guarantee that it will never be worth your time or effort, and you should stop putting forth either in the instances where someone rage-messages you.


Even if your character is stupid you honestly shouldn’t give a ■■■■. I use to get hate mail for Aganos and omen back in s2. From people using riptor or Maya. Those fights were abysmal back then. People will say anything to cover up how bad they are. Just ignore them. Or take pleasure in torturing them like I do with omen and his stupidity sometimes.


Don’t discuss with scrubs. They should git gud or go play with their marbles.

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I still get hate mail for using Sadira… I had one guy stating he was the real Ki4life advising me that the only reason I can win a single match is because my character is broken!

I was like… um… she’s one of the worse characters in the game.

He then resonded, "That shows how much you know… I run with (a list of pro players) and they state she’s top 5.

At that point, I knew arguing with him was pointless, as most of the people I know who are top tier players don’t share that view point. Maybe in S1 and S2, but certainly not in S3…

Oh and Aganos IS overpowered. :stuck_out_tongue: kappa



I’m a top player. Sadria is straight Dookie butter.

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But so true…

Too many characters can shut her down.

Reading these I’ve realized I’ve gotten into these “conversations” with the wrong mindset. I’ve always thought something like “this is just another gamer who’s trying to get better and wants to find a way to beat an unfamiliar character” or something like that. I always think that we will end up with a nice conclusion even if we disagree. 90% of the time that’s not the case.

I take these more personally way more then I should have. You guys are right that I shouldn’t care about as much as I did at the moment. I don’t know why, but I simply don’t like it when people talk bad about my character (at least not in a joke or constructive manner). I need to work more on having the same mindsets that you guys have and know when to stop.

Thanks guys, your willingness to share your advice is greatly appriecated. You guys are awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

Your character is annoying to fight, deeply unfair on knockdown, and largely cheats his way out of the combo game. He’s a huge pain in the butt to get in on, has solid lockout confirms, good throw range, and a semi-reversal that makes you have to approach all over again. He’s wildly oppressive, and mobile enough that even if you walk him down he’s always a bird-assisted double jump away from running the whole length of the screen.

And that’s ok.

Hisako is annoying to fight, deeply unfair on knockdown, and difficult to break. Her counter ignores cross-ups, her command grab blows up throws, and if she ever reads a jump from you and has meter you’re eating a full combo. She’s wildly oppressive on knockdown, un-shadow counterable when played well, and mobile enough that she’s difficult to zone. And once you’ve nearly killed her she becomes one of the most dangerous characters in the game, with an instinct that can melt a lifebar in seconds.

The sense that I get from you Joker is that you don’t like people thinking/saying your character is cheap. Well, he is cheap - Eagle is on some serious BS any time he knocks you down, and he’s hard as balls to pin down in the neutral. It’s fine though…Hisako is cheap too. So are Mira, Aria, Raam, Spinal, Aganos, Fulgore, etc, etc. Accept it and keep it moving.

TBH, I know he is cheap. The thing I don’t like however is saying that he’s broken and overpowered which is not the case. Everyone has their own BS as you say but they are all countered by something. Same for Eagle, but it is something that you need to be good at to exploit it.(his defense). He’s cheap sure, but not in a way that guarantees a W everytime.

…except for his bird bomb, which I think shouldn’t even be an option for him. But I’m not a developer so not really much I can do :yum:

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