A Little Help for a frustrated Eagle Main

Bird bomb is fine honestly. The screech is the most annoying thing about eagle. Either way he is stupid. So is omen. So is Aganos. So is glacius and pretty much anyone else in ki. Some of these characters would be banned if they were put in another game.


So in other words… Sadira is the most unstupid character in KI! :smiley:

Also @FallibleJoker14 no matter how broken you might think Eagle is at time… just remember this… Eagle is still not Rash! :rage:

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What did I do to you that you always pick Omen against me? :cry:
Nah…Your playstyle is challenging, no matter what character of yours you pick it will be difficult anyway :blush:


Everybody cheapssss, somethines, everybody criessss

Yeah, they can be a pain to fight. So it’s Wulf when he is close :+1:

lol. The ban part :rofl:

I have a little suggestion to that issue. You used to play Wulf, right? He has better chances against Rash. You can give it a shot. It’s beautiful to challenge him and punish when they try to random you out and miss.

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The only issue with Eagle is the fact that screech is available every 4 seconds. That’s it. I was talking with a bunch of people on Shony’s stream a few days ago and we ended on the comparison to Cinder’s fired up status. If screech was toned back to 6 seconds maybe even 8 seconds where his setups didn’t loop endlessly into high low vortex pressure that is pretty much at the whim of Eagle’s execution and nothing more, he’d be less of a nightmare. It’s kinda like a Wulf or Riptor who gets on top of you except it’s from distance and there really aren’t many options but to eat a few hits or burn meter to get out but sometimes you don’t have either of those options. So simply put, Eagle himself is not overpowered with what he can do, it’s simply that Screech allows him to just not play the game as normal.


I usually tell them “ggs” :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Lmfao hahahahah AHAHAHAAAAH yo you did not just say that omfg :joy::joy::joy::sob::sob::sob:

Joker. Everyone has An opinion. Doesn’t matter who. You do you. What your opinion over yourself majority of the time determines your happiness. If eagle is your favorite character and you like how he plays, play him. Kan ra is my favorite character and i like how he plays, regardless of tiers i still get hate because i play him annoyingly.

Your goal isn’t too satisfy others based on how you play, it’s to satisfy yourself. This (the video game KI) is for fun. When ppl on the internet make you feel bad for having fun, you tend to be stressed. They aren’t worth it, do you. Nobody else’s feelings matter (not even me).


You could also delete the message as soon as you skim any negativity in the message. Just delete it and be done with it so you can dwell on it.
You will never be able to explain or persuade them…they will only continue to try and get under your skin.



Sorry I couldn’t resist.

I’ve only gotten a few hate mails myself but it’s not like anyone can just pick up Eagle, Hisako, Kan Ra, or any character and just rack up wins without a complete understanding of the character. And to have an understanding it takes practice which I know many of the great players from the forums have put in hundreds if not thousands of hours. The ones that just claim that a character is OP and needs to be nerfed into the ground most likely aren’t ever going to evolve past that point in thinking.

The times I’ve played with you @FallibleJoker14 have been fun. A lot of your characters often times make me yell out “Cmon now!! That didn’t work?!?!” but it’s completely my fault for not understanding the match up better. So I wouldn’t feel bad if I were you just because you’ve put in enough work to determine what move beats another in various matchups.


Tell em’ to hold that ■■■■ and pick up the character. Plain and simple bro no need to chalk up another day you’ve had to repeat yourself. Words do tend to fall upon deaf ears.