A Game-Changing Combo System Suggestion

Guess breaking is ok because if you lock out, it would be ok? Not like there is a lockout timer where Wulf can do huge damage right? Oh and a broken combo for Wulf doesn’t equal 30 seconds of getting zoned to death. You are placed in mid-screen neutral. You aren’t going to get zoned to death just because of this. Mashing gives you a 33% chance of guessing correctly. If you miss, you take a huge amount of damage if the player is skilled enough to capitalize on it. If they get the 33% chance correct, then they already took some damage and are back to neutral. Either way, the attacker still won the exchange.[quote=“ZDhome, post:20, topic:18683”]
My opponent will NOT counterbreak without a read… that is just stupid, so im safe from that.

But then the opponent counterbreaks anyway and rip zoner. It isn’t the games fault the Wulf doesn’t counterbreak.

We could have a matchup by matchup discussion about how disadvantaged Wulf is at range, how easy it is for the zoner to escape a bad situation, and how much a zoner is willing to take in a bad situation.

There’s more variables to consider here.

You are right, in many cases it is not ok to guess break, but in some there are. My post above explains the Sabre vs Zoner early-game guessbreak, and how failing it isnt nearly as bad a s you describe.

So Wulf managed to open up the opponent at the start of the round after being zoned out. He gets in. Does some damage but gets broken. Now we are back where we started. I fail to see how Wulf suffers.

This solution is a bandaid over a bullethole (A bullethole that can be 100% fixed by smart gameplay), But im suggesting it because it is a SLIGHT help that seems to not have drawbacks. I really think an adaptation of the idea would be beneficial.

(IM NOT complaining and trying to say that im loosing games over the current system. Im not refusing to learn tech because i would rather the game fix my problems for me. Im aware the issues CAN be avoided.I dont even play wulf. Its just a SMALL detail that seems fixable.)

Well, the pre-game 3 seconds allows wulf to get into a comfortable space, so depending on whether or not they DID that, they are loosing some space

Well, let’s consider here…

At the range Gargos sends people back after a combo breaker, what can he do and what can Wulf do?

Cause it doesn’t seem that bad for Wulf at that range.

With Glacius? Maybe a little worse for Wulf but not by much.

Kan-Ra? More complicated discussion.

Kilgore? Probably a bit tough if Kilgore has resources.

Who else…

The one where the discussion came up was VS Fulgore.

Sabre fights through tons of Plasmabolt and laser frametraps, only to get broken and start all over again.

(yolo blade dash would break the chain in Fulgores favor while being almost unreactable, especially in air)

Yeah the WHOLE game is broken, they should bring the old breaker system back or remove these WRONG lockouts.

??? um. wot?

Fulgore, huh?

Yeah, he’s annoying I’m sure, but he doesn’t knock people back that far from my experience.

(just to be clear im not fighting you on any of this. im enjoying the discussion. this MU doesnt affect me at all :smiley: )

It seems you are arguing that it woiuldnt fix much… but if it could fix SOME without any negative impacts… whats wrong with it?

The opponent also has those 3 seconds. Fulgore also doesn’t have meter so a solid read can easily bring Wulf right back in while Fulgore needs to make a read to keep Wulf out. The result? Both players in neutral and the attacker benefited while the defender lost some life.

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Your right. With Fulgore, there is no speed advantage / disadvantage, so that doesnt apply in this mu.

Yes, this is not a bad situation, im NOT saying Sabre automatically looses from this issue. dont think about how bad the AFTER situation is… thats not the point. Look at the difference between the situation with / without the change i suggest.

Without the change: Both players in neutral, not a big deal.
With the change: The breaker gets punished for mashing during the manual startup, and sabre gets a full combo punish with setup.

THATS A MASSIVE SWING IN HEALTH / ADVANTAGE. If situation 2 is possible, why not make it happen?

I’m super confused right now. Are you just assuming mashers are usually successful as it is? Cause, that’s not a good support to your argument…

Because Situation 1 is perfectly fine and nothing wrong with it. If situation 1 is possible, why not just leave it be? If they are mashing during the manual startup, opener linker is perfectly fine. What is wrong with situation 1? What makes situation 2 better than situation 1?

I know they are not usually successful. What im saying is…

Breaking an auto-double blind is a 33% chance.

Using a manual still only uses 3 strengths, but it TAKES away reactability, while ADDING the opportunity for a timing lockout.

The current opener -> manual situation COMPLETELY removes the opportunity for a timing lockout. Thats not right.

Is it not right? If the opponent does only an opener and just drops the combo, there isn’t a lock out. Linkers on the other hand, if you don’t do anything, the opponent can get a timing lockout. Manuals themselves don’t add the opportunity for a timing lockout. The reason is that manuals leave a gap which adds a timing lockout zone. The gap comes from the thing before the manuals. Not the manual itself. Openers don’t have that gap. So what part of opener manual is not right?

Yeah that’s the OS he’s talking about and honestly it is a little goofy. I wouldn’t mind seeing it removed even though I myself abuse the heck out of it.

Well, there’s your problem.