A few questions for the devs on Shadow Lords

I don’t believe that I deserve answers or that I’m entitled to them, but based on my conversations with fellow players, I’m hoping one of @rukizzel, @TotalJimkata, @BlitzedKraig, @developers might respond to some or any of these and let us know what’s going on with this mode.

Any response would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

  1. What’s the status on Kilgore mimics? They’re not in the game, so it’s exceedingly difficult to get his dossiers.

  2. Are the Kilgore mimics bugged? Any chance you can tell us when to expect these mimics in game?

  3. Can anyone please provide some sort of hint on how to get the mask of the ancients dossier? It’s been quite a while and no one seems to know how to get this, which makes getting 100% impossible.

  4. Why is it so difficult to get certain dossiers to drop, such as TJ Combo and Omen? Omen dossiers apparently came easy in the beta but now I’ve been able to get two through many MANY playthroughs. Is this working as intended? Will these be adjusted?

  5. Speaking of which, I did a poll a while back and out of the 50 or 60 people that voted, 90% said that dossiers drop too slowly. I love replay value and rewards as much as anyone else, but do you think the drop rate is okay or do you plan on making any adjustments?

  6. Can you provide any hints, strategy or info on how to get dossiers to drop? Is it 100% random aside from specific quest lines or does using certain characters make other character’s dossiers more likely to drop? How about beating an opponent with an ultra or getting a perfect or doing quest lines you’ve already done several times?

  7. Is there any more stuff planned for this mode? The crimson guardians are nice, but will we also see more consumables, missions or larger quest lines? Any chance you can provide an estimated road map? I love this mode and I’m hoping to see more.

  8. Will we get some sort overarching story within Shadow Lords at some point, or is there any plan for some such thing? I love the dossiers and the cutscenes, but would it be possible to have a sort of universal, cohesive canon narrative that codifies a timeline for events of the story for all characters from start to end?

  9. Getting gold and platinum Gargos on the percent complete bar is awesome! Any chance that we’ll see more items show up in the completion bar at some point, such as entirely new items?

  10. Are you working on any more rewards for this mode along the lines of skins, accessories or stages? I’m sure you’d give specifics when ready, I guess I’m just wondering if you could tell us if stuff of a reward nature is being worked on and considered.

Again, thank you for any response to any of these questions. I’m hoping you’ll respond, but I also imagine you’re busy working on KI as well as any other projects you have, so any moments you can spare to give us some insight on the present and future of what I feel is one of the best modes ever released in a fighting game would’ve awesome.


Good questions, curious aswell :sunglasses:


Thanks for writing that :smile: I hope that we can get some or any answers at this point. Considering the time it took for you to type all that out, I hope you get something answered.

@developers, I just have one question. Is anyone looking into any of these Shadow Lord dossier problems? To some of us this mode is just as important to us as tournament play is to other players.

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