A bigger variety of directional Inputs in Killer Instinct?

Since I have been playing more fighting games I get introduced to more directional or command inputs based on how certain characters play, and now looking back at Killer Instinct on the Xbox one it seems like it might be lacking in a variety of directional inputs for special moves (e.g. Endokuken, Cyberdash, Call of sky…etc)

from what I have gathered Killer Instinct consists of only 4 unique directional Inputs:

Quarter Circle motion: Down, Down-Forward/Back, Forward/back
Shoryuken motion: Forward, Down, Down-Forward (back as well but its not present in KI yet)
Back-Forward motion (charge without the charge): Back, Forward
Down-Up motion (again charge without the charge): Down, Up

I mean this is by no means a bad thing but personally I think we need more directional inputs just so characters do not feel so similar in input regard as well as giving more challenge for certain move to be executed and with a bigger pay-off, This may not be a necessary thing for those who are already good at fighting games but can benefit the less experienced ones since it gives them more of a challenge to pull of certain moves and they will practice more until they can pull it off with ease and if they play another fighter and another fighter who the like has similar difficult inputs to that of the character the played with in the other fighter they will have less of a problem getting familiar and good with them (well that’s what I think at least)

Also I remember a post back on the old forums about charge characters returning and while not many were on board with it, if it changed the formula of charge characters in a different way (e.g. longer charge faster/more powerful the attack) but charge like how street fighters guile and M.Bison work then no (yet in Killer Instinct 1, T.J and Wulf were charge characters and it worked)

Ideas for more motions that I think should and should not return:
Downward motion (like KI1 +KI2): Down-back, Down, Down-Forward: YES they should return, and work for linkers and openenrs
Half Circle motion: Back, Down-back, Down, Down-forward, Forward: YES they should be added, and work for linkers and openers
Full Circle motion: 360 motion: NO it wont work unless ender only/normal command grab e.g thunder or T.J
Delta Motion: No (personally)

I just think a wider variety is better, what are your thoughts

Go play KI2, try pulling off all the supper linker, mini ultras, ultra breakers, ect… then think about it for a minute. (All of those moves require different commands than the current KI has)
Its way to difficult for most people and therefor will drive away casual players. since KI is an Xbox exclusive title. the last thing they want to do is drive away the casual player.

I think its fine the way it is.

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The inputs are in a really good place right now. Not super complicated like GG or something but not one button ala Rising Thunder or Smash.

This allows for a degree of execution without it taking up a large portion of the game.

I’m really happy with the inputs in KI.

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Yeah, I also don’t want to see more inputs. What they have is fine as is.

As keen on the idea is for making some characters feel more unique, the practicality is all too often the opposite.

Due to the speed of the game and the openness of the input windows, it’s best not to get too complicated when possible… Unless we can toggle Negative Triggering.

I don’t see the need for nor complicated outputs when the outcome is the same as the normal inputs.

The simplicity of inputs is by design. When Microsoft submitted their request for proposal they specifically stated they were looking for a game that would be easily accessible to new players. Mike Z the guy from skullgirls has good video talking about inputs and why complicating things doesn’t make sense: https://youtu.be/gpXganAM_qA?t=5670

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I would be happy if all motions were QCF and QCB

I like how KI is with the QCF, QCB, DP, BF, and DU moves. I once made an argument for why KI didn’t simply the QCF and QCB inputs to DF and DB, like the Netherrealm games have done recently, and the response from the devs themselves was that the game does allow for it, which surprised me (although, I can’t personally get it to work, because you gotta be FAST).

Half-circle motions would be bad simply because the game could potentially confuse it with a QCF or QCB motion by accident if you’re not careful. I already see something similar to this in KI with characters like Cinder for example - he’s got a QCB+K move that sometimes gets confused with his DU+K move due to accidental inputs. It’s things like that devs should try to avoid. I’ve actually looked at my hand and the controller to do it and it STILL sometimes messes up, which leads me to believe it’s not an accident on my part…

They want the inputs in this game to be on the easier side so it is accessible to anyone. The hardest part of the game is supposed to be the combo/mixup game and keeping your opponent guessing, not inputting the commands. If I remember right, to do Fulgore’s super linker in KI2 there were between 7 or 9 required individual directional inputs to use the move. That includes your down’s down/backs and everything. Or what about Zangief in one of the former Street Fighters? One of his super pile drivers required 2 full Circles which is 19-20 individual directional inputs. Yeah It’s 2 circles but if you even miss one the move doesn’t come out. So, Killer Instinct isn’t based around it’s inputs, it’s based around the combo system. If you’re jumbling over controls you’ll never see a good combo.

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I use a hitbox when I play KI which if you’re not aware of the device it only has down, up, forward, and back buttons. The game plays fine with it so the devs are correct in the feedback they gave you. Half circles are still pretty useful in KI. If you are walking forward with orchid and want to go immediately into a slide you need to do a half circle otherwise you’ll typically execute a DP which can easily lead to getting full combo punished.

im gonna have to resurrect this page cause i kinda agree with expanding it but only with one command that ive seen in KOF, “the Down down+attack command”, in my opinion.

but why? just so we can differentiate moves that damage and some that dont. anything with the down down command can just be utlilty only moves that only some characters have. just so its easier to tell that this is move that tradionally doesnt do damage. (arbiter shield, teleport moves, etc.)

Only skimmed through your post, but my short answer is no and my longer answer is no, certainly not.

Reason being we don’t want this game to be like other fighters with complicated 360 or even 720 inputs, half circle motions etc.

Personally I think KI is fine the way it is, including a lack of charge characters.

I disagree with your last statement. I see players who are not using combo assist but can do a good combo without knowing the controls really, which is a shame as they’re not that good and win on lucky hits alone.

Yeah but it is lucky if it happens. The combo is not optimized nor is it executed for a setup or resource boost. Losing to a button masher means you didn’t block or counter their lack of defense with better offense. Button mashers don’t stop resets. Opener into reset melts life. If they land a yolo combo, yes I’ve seen it, it won’t happeb often.
But what I meant about jumbling over controls, the inputs being too hard to execute under stress or even in general to make a good combo viable for competitive play.