95% of KI players online

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=307asEikDrw&list=LL2Ru69furJWFoz8tGdjN3sg&index=33&t=0s are the same as this guy.

This had to be said, surprised nobody has ever made a thread about this that I’ve seen. I don’t know how its possible to be that, lets put it nicely, thought less, but if you enjoy the game can you stop mashing so hard and try to learn it?

It doesn’t make for an enjoyable experience playing against people I could literally sweep or counter break for 10 straight games and they will literally never stop mashing, and still no light bulb goes off…how that’s possible, I don’t know. I’ve found that it’s most of the time these guys that make KI online such a toxic community, all they want to do is mash, tbag, triple ultra, and taunt all game.

I haven’t played a ton online, I guess around a 1000 games and some exhibition but I can see why skilled players like mygod didn’t like to play online, there’s nothing to learn from it a lot of times and since there is no way to really learn offline against the computer because it cheats every first frame except for lab which doesn’t give you a real match experience, it makes it hard to improve.

So please, if you enjoy this game, treat it with a little more love and try to improve, maybe block once in a while, maybe don’t mash dp 24/7, maybe try to learn what you’re breaking, or just learn what you or your opponent are doing. These all seem to be the first things you would do if you enjoyed the game to explore all its beauty, but instead most KI players treat it like the guy in the video. Only come online to mash and be lets put it nicely, very rude all the time.

If you enjoy the game, try to learn it, if not, why are you really here? Its funny because the original KI community in the arcades, KI 1, was super friendly, and was only about having fun, learning, and helping each other improve, this one seems to be the exact opposite and I have no idea why other than its online. I know IG did nothing to help new players improve like a dojo for the character they want to play for instance instead of just jago, and the one button, here, mash this combo assist, was an insult to anybody with a brain simply because instead of providing an actual way for new players to learn the character they want, they just threw a gimmick at them so the developers could be lazy and dipped.

I know KI is hard to learn, but if you enjoy it, at least try, this online makes for a terrible experience for anybody who wants to actually learn the game.


There are a lot of pricks online. I’ve been saying this for a long time. If you take a look on the Facebook community page, you’ll see an ego war. A lot of loosers trash-talking each other. To say the least, it’s very lame. If someone try to teabag me or something like that, I just quit. I won’t take this ■■■■. Unfortunately, that’s how it is.

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Ranked is just a mode. Most top players actually donate a good majority of their time training against other players in sets, not in Ranked or Exhibition.

Having said that, I too am seeing an uptake in bad behavior, cheating, and such. For me, I got my Star and have moved on. Sadly, I just no longer have time to play KI anymore.

If I did I would just match up with friends and play against them.

What happened to you? Have you just quitted KI?

I haven’t quit KI. The addiction is still there, just haven’t had any time. I help run a Destiny 2 clan and as new content came out, I’ve been tied up with that. Working a ton at work is also taking a toll. Then there’s the writing gig… trying to finally finish projects to get marketed. Sadly no time for KI. :frowning:

The reality is… I might have… gotten… a… life. :joy_cat:

I’m sorry to hear that, but also happy for you. I hope you find the time to play some KI in the future. Don’t forget I didn’t get to beat your Sadira. May the Lord bless you, bro!

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By the time you come back, I will have a Thunder for the Sadira MU

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Lol. Good for you - a life is a good thing to have :-p

@CodeComplete85 Just let me know if you ever want to practice the Sako MU with your Thunder. Or Jago or any of my other characters really :+1:t5:

Right now, I’m trying to divide opponents into who I prefer dealing with Sako or Thunder. I think Jago and Mira are best handled with Sako (but I’m not really sure at all), and Sadira is obviously better handled with Thunder. I need to get faster on the DP inputs though. I don’t know who I’d rather fight another Sako with :thinking:

But yeah, I’m always happy to get the chance to spar with you. It’s tense but super fun, and I learn a lot from it. Always feel free to message.

I think it will really just come down to preference - I think the fight is even, but it’s even in a fairly unique way. Thunder has access to some really hard punishes for Hisako’s offense, but is vulnerable to her oki and buttons in a way that Hisako herself isn’t. He’s got to hold a lot of her pressure when he’s knocked down, even moreso than in the mirror. He’s very strong offensively though, so if you can get momentum it’s pretty easy to do really well.

This is one of the fights though where Hisako can and does often resolve neutral on her terms, so managing that against a player who understands that can be tough. Thunder can’t bully his way in the way he does against a lot of the cast, and it becomes important not to take too much damage trying to close the gap.


I’m sure that I’ll hop on to KI sometime this month. I still want to maintain my Killer status. :joy_cat:

@CodeComplete85 Before my sabbatical, I was working on my Sako. :wink:

I dabble with Thunder as well.

He’s certainly a threat against Sadira, IF he can keep her grounded.

Not difficult. Sammamish projectile immunity shuts her down hard.

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What about Arbiter? Would you pick up Hisako or Thunder against him? I haven’t heard of you in a long time.

So, I’m looking at a MU chart from Delta Rayquaza, and it looks like Arbiter is equally disadvantaged against both according to him. But still, I don’t really know how to fight against Arbiter with any char, lol. He’s a strange fight for me.

I’m still playing a ton. Let’s spar sometime soon!

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Hehehe Funny guy. Just want to throw this out there since I know we previously had a debate about “mashing” and breaking. I’ll admit, I tend to break somewhat early, it’s been a bad habit of mine since I started KI, but every good player dominates me for it, so that is on me. Still, I think sometimes it’s okay to “mash” and “yolo” dp.

I believe that the misconception of mashing stems from the opponent saying, “what the heck, why are you just throwing that?” Now, sometimes it is warranted, but in a lot of cases, it’s okay to pressure the opponent and assert yourself, so you forcibly tell the opponent that I will interrupt your turn. If my crouching jab is plus 2 on block, of course, I’ll throw it out just to poke you. Better yet, if my dp has a 3 frame startup, better believe I’ll buffer it often.

Still, I will say that when I get battered by lower ranked smurf accounts who bag and quit after I use a character to learn, I tend to be pretty salty. That, of course, translates into a flustered playstyle that is often too aggressive. So, yeah, I taunt sometimes - especially if the opponent is doing something to interrupt me or puts too much pressure consistently. When I can though, I try to be level-headed and show respect towards my opponent. I usually always drop a gg after my games.

You mean when they force you to block? It’s called fighting games, if people didn’t have endless guess breaks to bail them out they of bad play they would be sitting at bronze and silver still. Obviously dp is good to use at good times on wakeups, or stopping specific pressures, but if you’re dp’ing like most of online have a screen away for no reason or buffering constantly you got a problem, you’re eating a free punish both times for absolutely no reason.

Blocking is absolutely the best thing anybody can learn in fighters, yet most ki players are in absolute fear of it. Spamming dps out of fear may get you out of setups vs. players who don’t know how to deal with such nonsense, but a good player will just block and you gave them a free opener for absolutely no reason other than being scared to block. In other games, that gets you killed, in KI people just ignore the bad play because they think they’ll get lucky. And when they don’t, here come the bags.

No, I mean when an opponent thinks they can continuously put me in endless block strings and pressure me without any form of repercussions. I’ll block and sit there sometimes when I realize I have to be patient. But because of my characters tools and the benefits of utilities, I’ll assert myself often.

Maybe. It also helps condition my opponent to block where I can then implement the patented Thompson wake-up overhead.

I don’t see it as spamming out of “fear.” Rather, I buffer my dps because what the opponent is doing isn’t “real”. If Wulf is mixing his overpower with his crouching lp, thinking he can mix in a throw, I’ll buffer DP to keep that in check.

Other games have different mechanics and combo systems. SFV is inherently slower, which makes the playstyle methodical. MK11 you can block, but most combos have high-low variations, so you’ll still end up getting combo’d.

I don’t really think you need to justify yourself here. The kind of mashing linked in the OP is apparently random, isn’t even of KI play, and doesn’t really mean much in the context of thoughtful play.

As to KI Ranked being especially thoughtless? Not really. I used to think so too, thinking that the breaker safety net made people play faster and looser than in other FG’s. Then I played other FG’s, and found out that nah, incessant and stubborn refusal to block and take pressure (or damage) is really just a hallmark of Joe Ranked. Joe Ranked mashes jab on wakeup and in blockstun in SFV, GI and Reversal Edge in SC6, and U2’s and rolls in MK11. Online warriors want to play and push their buttons and ignore yours in every game. In KI if they do it you can take their lifebar in two or three combos - the game is pretty punishing if you are smart about your combo options.

If you want careful and considered play, then Ranked is generally not where you want to go (though such can and does exist). Hit up players for sets instead - there are plenty of high level players still running around to grab games with.

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Honestly if people are mashing, you have many options to punish. Let them do what they want and just adjust to thier playstyle.

Like many people have said before, finding a pro player or a player that takes the game extremely seriously in ranked is pretty rare. Here and discord is a great way to find players who you are looking for.

Also imo mashing is beneficial at times, like in some unreal pressure like saberwulf dash crossups. You’ll have to learn to understand nit everyone plays the way you do and not to get frustrated by it.


Be careful with this sort of thinking. If you’re talking about the randoms you meet on ranked, you can’t expect everyone to put in all the tune ti learn the game. People don’t always have the time to dedicate to KI.

True. But to be fair I was alluding to an exchange the OP and I had on Xbox messages where we arguing that I was apparently mashing. I was sort of using the forum post to justify my playstyle I suppose.