8th character for Season 3?

I was thinking this could be the case. IG will probably surprise everyone by having the 8th character announced and released on the same Friday that EVO starts, although I’m sure he (or she) will likely be banned at EVO if that were the case.

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Most likely gonna be Eagle.

Will be after or before top 8

Hope that it isn’t Eyedol. Other than shadow Orchid, that has to be the most disappointing and uninspired choice they could make, not to mention, Eyedol just looks stupid.

Since the last character is gonna be this month, it better appear in EVO!

I prefer eyedol but eagle has potential to be really hype too. He could be the lightsaber wielding character with telekinesis, a double jump, sadira-like mobility and an air dash that actually hits the opponent.

Well seeing from the survey I guessing its either a guest character like Joule from ReCore as cross promotion or an original character that’s a zombie or Frankenstein.