8 Characters for Season 3 Confirmed

Now it’s official the roster for this line-up will have a total of eight characters. Rash, Kim Wu, Arbiter, and Tusk are the first four out of eight and will be playable at launch. So far we have 2 classics returning and 2 guests joining in. Which leaves four open spots left; who do you think will make it to Season 3?

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  1. Locust Queen (Guest)
  2. Joanna Dark (Guest)
  3. Gargos
  4. Eagle/Vampire Character/Maya’s Sister

As long one of them is a Vampire character, preferably male, I’m happy. ^^



That is the remaining 4


Hopefully the Lords of shadow we’ve read about.
Mira, Eagle and 2 others

Give me Wukong or a Quick, nimble, Bo fighter and Im set.


1 - Rash
2 - Kim Wu
3 - Arbiter
4 - Tusk
5 - New Character (Vampire - Unused Character in KI2)
6 - New Character (Mira - Twin Sister of Maya)
7 - Eyedol
8 - Gargos


I actually really hope there are no more guest characters. I’d much prefer to see new ones.


I personally think that Mira is the Vampire. So that leaves one slot for something out of nowhere. And then possibly an Omen style bonus character.

No. More. Guests.This isn’t Smash Bros.

Also, how many times do they have to say “No Eyedol” before it’s clear that there will be no Eyedol.

I, for one, am excited to see what new and crazy things IG can come up with for 4 new characters.

  1. Kim
  2. Tusk
  3. Rash
  4. Arbiter
  5. Gargos
  6. Eyedol :wink:
  7. New character
  8. New character

Is what I hope it will be :slight_smile:


Gargos, Eyedol, Mira, and either Vampire or Sharkman is what I’m hoping for.

Guys, EAGLE isn’t coming. they don’t have the rights for the comic book characters. I guarantee you Eagle is not going to be in the game.

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3 new character (this Mira, a Vampire, a mad scientist) and a comeback or a new boss (probably Gargos, but I doubt they’re releasing him this year because of reasons).

8 Characters, thats awesome! But, please @rukizzel, hear me out - no more guest characters, the last thing I would want to see is a mimic of MKX. Moreover, the team is incredibly skilled at creating characters. We have IG to thank for the beautiful creation of Hisako, Aganos, Aria, Kan-Ra, and Omen not to mention the rework of the classic characters. So, with that much experience and talent of making brand new characters - I would be disappointed to see it disregarded by taking a character that is unoriginal.





… unless the guest is @TheKeits


Unfortunately Keits would be too OP.

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Mira(vampire), Eagle(lunatic), Eyedol(no symmetrical heads), Gargos + bonus(brutal yeti, beast hunter, octopus lady)

You all know Eagle is Fulgore, right?


In my dream it’d be:

  1. Gargos

  2. Eyedol

  3. The old floating sensei dude from KI Gold’s training mode, re-imagined as the old martial arts master trope character from old kung fu movies :slightly_smiling:

  4. A take on the slug character Mollusca that original KI designer Kevin Bayliss had planned for KI, that never came to fruition. Looks like a really cool design to me.

Honestly, Tusk was the last returning character that mattered to me. I never really liked Kim Wu (although the new one looks great) and I just never cared for Eyedol or Gargos at all.

I have no objection to guest characters either. So it looks like the other four characters will be all gravy to me.