8 Characters for Season 3 Confirmed

For Me I want Mira (Vampire), Eyedol, Gargos, Sun Wukong, and KI Gold Sensei.

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i don’t know Eagles story but he doesn’t have to be Fulgore. Fulgore is a robot now, not a costume. the story is already different.

I’m really hoping the only character left that is coming back is gargos…and the rest just new characters…and save eyedol for season 4 :wink:

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1-4 Rash,Tusk,Kim,and Arbiter
5 - Shark-Man
6 - Vampire
7 - Swamp-thing / aquatic
8 - Frankenstein type

I think they’ll probably save Eyedol and Gargos for future seasons, (can’t imagine either being in the game without a stage of their own.)

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Eagle was and still is Fulgore. Did you not play Season 1 arcade mode or look at Thunder’s bio story? Eagle died in the Killer Instinct tournament then Ultratech took his body and implanted the brain in a Fulgore Mk-II.


If Keits became a Character, and Keits was playing Keits, and realized he was too OP, so Keits had to nerf Keits, then that would be Keits nerfing Keits, and the whole universe implodes because of the break in the Space-Time continuum.


Fulgore never acted or treated as a human. He has always been a robot.The connection between Eagle and Fulgore exists in Thunder’s story but it is only clumsy effort to enrich it. There is no reference to Eagle in Fulgore’s story (if only the one that his mind is somehow human…:no_mouth:) or his actions. Instead he has a manual and there are copies of himself.

My Guesses Are

1.) Kim Wu
2.) Arbiter
3.) Rash
4.) Tusk
5.) Mira (Vampire Character)
6.) Gargos (Season 3 Boss)
7.) New Character (Something Not Currently Represented, Perhaps A Plant or Insect Based Character)
8.) Johanna Dark (Possibly Last Guest Character) or New Character (Some New Character Archetype)

9.) Bonus Character/Community Fund: Eyedol

I want to see more original and unique characters, personally.

Here are my guesses:

  1. Rash

  2. Kim Wu

  3. Arbiter

  4. Tusk

  5. New Character (Vampire)

  6. New Character (Old Sage)

  7. New Character (Witch)

  8. Gargos

  9. Bonus Character / Community Fund: Shadow Maya aka Mira

If that’s how they go, I’ll be really curious to see if there’s the kind of groundswell for Mira that there was for real boy Shago. I’m sure Eyedol would get a ton of support, but they’ve held firm on not wanting him, so I think they hold firm for this season, at least.

I could see a scenario where MS decides to build a 4th season around characters inspired by the comics without actually using the names Eagle, Kara, etc. Likely wouldn’t be hard to have a blond, female Ultratech assassin and give her a more imposing name than Kara to begin with. I could also see them finding some way to make an Eyedol that they can live with.

Add in a few more guests like Joanna Dark and Skorge, and some other completely new characters. I’d buy that, no question.

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Clearly you haven’t played or seen season 1 arcade.


I will say no more.



win/win season 3

And Eyedol crowdfunding like Shago

New character

It’s unlikely to see Eyedol.

Assuming Gargos as safe bet, there will be 4 males and 1 females confirmed. Surely 2 of the 3 remaining characters will be females. I really hope Eyedol makes it, but seems a little complicated

Hopefully they’re done with guest characters. I would rather see two new characters along with Eyedol and Gargos, or even three new characters and Gargos.

Still it is not clear.Every time i see this i think that Eagle is behind the creation of Fulgore and not Fulgore himself. He is like a lunatic (or a spirit) who creates those robots,the mind behind Fulgore.The way that Fulgore was created. When they say that Thunder is going to find his remainings,i think that they mean that maybe there will be a battle or a finding and that won’t be against or of Fulgore.

New characters is all I want.

Even if you want to interpret all the story mode evidence differently Max himself (the guy that worked on story mode) has said multiple times on his streams that it is Eagle inside Fulgore.


Alright, since I don’t see Eyedol or Eagle (Fulgore has Eagle’s brain, btw guys), this is the way I see things.

  1. Rash
  2. Kim Wu
  3. Arbiter
  4. Tusk
  5. New Character (Vampire?)
  6. New Character
  7. New Character
  8. Gargos