7/24, 12pm PT Microsoft Studios Live show ft. KI

Announced on Twitter

Wonder what it’s about…


Who’s to say but my wish? MS backs or creates a tournament series for KI.

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I feel like that would be announced here


The fact that they’re doing a Q&A is pretty cool. For anyone that didn’t see it, you ask asking questions on twitter using the #AskMSL hashtag. I may have asked like 20 questions across three tweets lol.

I’ll be curious if they intend to talk about KI’s future at all, because almost every response using that hashtag had some form of “whens KI4” or “whens season 4” in them.

If they don’t talk about KI’s future, and I’m honestly not expecting them to, I’m curious to see what questions they’ll answer and also what they’ll be talking about in general.

I mean, if this is more or less just a sort of KI post mortem / looking back kind of deal, I think that’s nice. I like that. I’d like to hear what they have to say about the game now that it’s been complete for a while. Maybe they could provide some insight on some behind the scenes stuff while the game was being made.

I’m also curious to see if they’ll give more of a firm “the game is complete,” even though that’s been more or less confirmed for a while in a variety of ways.

Either way, I’m excited for this! Always love seeing people talk about this game. While I’d LOVE to hear that work’s begun on a sequel and we can expect to see more at GamesCom, I think there’s less than a 5% chance of that happening, so I’m really more just hear to see people talk about the game that I’ve enjoyed playing for so long. :slight_smile:


I have hope that there is some news about collaboration with other FGs-- maybe a few KI characters to feature in another FG title. I do not think a new KI will be announced at such a random event but having “killer guests” makes me think it could be something interesting (but smaller than a whole new game)…just speculating…