5 stage pack for later in game life DLC

Delete this comment. You will get in trouble.


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Lel you predicted the future.


As far as I remember, Tekken 7 is coming to Xbox One. Just to clarify.

I really think each character needs a unique/unshared home stage that you can select from the stage select and automatically get their music.

It’s a huge shame all the hard work of the Celldweller and Atlas Plug is going mostly unheard.

I understand making stages is incredibly costly, but if that can’t be done as a community fund, at very least I’d prefer to have some stages show up twice in the stage selection, but with different names. It’s not ideal, but I think having visually redundant stages in the stage selection is a good compromise. The music selection is not really a great solution.

The next step up would be to still have some repeat stages, but with some minor visual changes like some different coloring. At least that would differentiate them visually. Like for Eyedol, just change the floor color for the Astral plane stage or maybe change some background coloring on Kan-Ra’s stage for his. Or change Sabrewulf’s stage coloring for Mira’s. I would assume some texture or lighting recoloring would be much less costly than new stage modeling.

Would this be something that’s viable via a community fund? It seems like it could be.

The perfect solution would be a unique stage, but at the very least each character needs their own stage listing in the stage selection somehow. The game feels incomplete without it.

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sign me up, i’d buy any stages for this game in a heartbeat

all characters should have their own stages even guests


I’m curious, for the @developers how difficult is it to change a specific stage from “Day” to “Night”, or from “Snow” to “Spring”? I ask this because this could possibly be the easiest and cheapest way to create more stages. I don’t see anything like stage transitions becoming a thing (a la SFV), but to have say Maya’s stage turn from bright and vivid to something more dark and grotesque could be suitable for Mira. I’m using that as an example.

While I do coding of a different breed, I’m not an aficionado of LUA or any other particular coding that is used in KI, nor do I really dabble in graphic design much anymore… I do see some changes that could be made, even if it ends up meaning that there are multiple stages, at least they’re different in the overall look of things. What is your guys’ take on this?