5 stage pack for later in game life DLC

I know, I know … Yet another missing stage topic , but just hear me out. I’m one of the few who thinks strongly that season 3 is the final season, and that there won’t ever be a season 4. If this is the case, in order for them to prolong the life of the game even more, without season 4, what if they made a 5 stage pack comprised of the 5 missing stages. I know it would take quite a while to make them, but that’s fine because it would great to have a batch of content come out a good while after season 3 has been completed. They could charge 30$ or whatever they feel they wanna charge. I’d pay 50$ personally; doesn’t really matter to me. What do you guys think? @developers

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Why does everyone think the current season will be the last 1? Here’s an idea: let’s not worry about that kind of thing until it’s officially announced…

Otherwise, more stages are always good, IMO.


I’m not worried about it at all. I was just stating that I think it’s the last season because it pertains to my point about more stages coming later when there’s not much else going on with the game.

So you want to pay a fullprice game for 5 arenas? That’s steep.
Think about it from a company standpoint, if this indeed is the last season and the game is finished. How much do you think they will make by selling 5 stages? Will any casual players buy it? Also take developmenttime & salaries into consideration.

I am all for new stages don’t get me wrong. It would be amazing to see a stage for Mira.


Pretty sure there was a post on here like a week or two ago in which Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, shares his excitement for KI and writes to the KI team “KI forever”.

Keeping KI going would make more sense than just stopping now especially if it’s true that Tekken won’t come to Xbox. KI won’t have much competition on the console fighting game wise, and it will be able to expand until the end of the consoles life span eventually reaching SF level of notoriety among new Xbox owners and kids under 15.


I’d at least want stages for the original characters. If guests like Rash don’t get one so be it. But I feel Mira and Gargos should have a stage. Gargos is the big bad and has no stage? Crazy!


You are right. To be honestly, I think Arbiter shouldn’t have his stage because there only 3 stages… Gargos is final boss without stage, it would very weird…


I think Arbiter got one because obviously MS wanted to massively advertise Halo and use it to sell KI, and also because a lot of the assets used were already made and handed over by 343. Arbiters stage is actually an area you fight in in Halo 5. Probably extremely simplified making the stage.

I know about that. But I don’t like Gargos without stage, it’s very annoying to me! D:

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OR they could do it for the millions of fans that supported them through 3 season…including community funding.

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I would love for a polish season or something along the lines of that where instead of characters they are given a entire season to tighten everything up and make the game feel a little more intact instead of piecemeal.

I have absolutely no clue how they would market something like that though.

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OMG a stage pack dlc would be so cool :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I guess many people feel that S3 is the last season due to the boss inclusion, Gargos (maybe Eyedol), and maybe even storyline (who knows)… Either way, we as a community shouldn’t make the assumption that the game is going to end, even IF S3 is the last one. We’re ultimately responsible for the longevity of the game simply by playing it, and hosting it at tourneys and other venues… We as a whole should have the (positive) mindset of the UMvC3 community where they don’t care if the game stops getting support from the devs, WE keep the game alive still for the next XX years…


Anyway, I would definitely be interested in more stages for KI. As it stands, IG still has tons of kinks to iron out (Omen’s colors/accessories, “Missing Text”, balancing Kan-Ra, etc.), so I’m sure there’s still tons of things to come along the way that we didn’t expect.

Maybe IG will keep a close ear to the PC Modding streets and decide to release more content with their support. There’s other folks from outside of the modding community that have already posted up great ideas for stages and other things, so the more we show them support and voice our opinion to both MS and IG, the more likely they will “nod” and make the idea(s) into a reality…

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I would be fine with S3 being the last. The number of characters I think is perfect. Too many and it might feel unbalanced. But I am definitely down with more DLC after S3 is completed. In terms of a stage pack, I think $15-$20 is a fair price. A character cost $5 ea. So at that price range, a stage would be either $3 or $4 each.

Speaking of stages, I would love to be able to practice on other stages outside of training mode… I felt like that option was supposed to be included at some point, but I don’t know…

We’ll have to wait and see what they do by the end of the season. I figure that the new lighting will allow for some simple tweaks to existing stages in order to have something like, for example, Maya’s stage be darkened and with special effects to make “Mira’s stage”. Gargos could actually take whatever stage YOUR character’s stage is, and do some kind of FX/lighting tweak on it to make it “evil” or something. That kind of thing. That way their claim that no “new” stages were made is true, but we still get something character specific for each fighter. That’s my hope anyway. If they don’t have anything planned, then yes I’d absolutely love to do another community fund or something to get the missing stages. It feels kinda incomplete without them.

i’d buy this in a heartbeat, not giving every character their stage is the biggest mistake they made in season 3, its just not the same without them, every character having their own stage is very important and KI was great because they still did it when a lot of other fighters dont, made KI so much better than the rest


At the very least, adding extra stages for the casuals would be key… Let’s be honest, casuals is where the money is at. They’re the ones that buy multiple costume packs for SFIV, and extra skins for MKX. This is one of the many reasons games like LoL do so well financially. The same could be said for Tekken, even though they took a note from Virtua Fighter with the character customization.

Having a stage for each character does give the game an overall complete feel. The same goes for character accessories, and retro costumes. So if those things are in the game for most characters, and not all, people will definitely see that and say the game is incomplete.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Smash 4 has a crap ton of characters, and I believe they have a stage for every single character.

I get this… but no kev.

Everyone should have a stage… even arbiter.

EVERYONE should have a stage it’s rediculous not too and Mira’s trailer lacked allot of hype because of it IMO


Agree with you! I wonder where do we fight Gargos as final boss with stage? Shadow Jago’s stage? Or ARIA’s stage???