5 stage pack for later in game life DLC

Give Gargos Final Destination as his stage…

…I joke, I kid… lol


It’s a half job imo.

In know that sounds harah but stages are character building. For nee characters it’s essential


Arbiter . Rash . Mira . Gargos , and beyond … EVERYONE should have a stage.


count me in! i would love some post s3 dlc, with or without s4

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I couldn’t agree more…

It’s not a good day when we say there is just enough of somthing…

There are enough ultras let’s move on…

Meh not good! KI lasted so long becuase the characters were amazing.

The stages enhanced that allot! Orchids roof top is legendary… just becuase it was peoplez favorite stage didn’t mean it was enough.

For me mira is less becuase she has no stage.

Orchids rebel post
Aganos forgotten city
Hisako shrine

ALL ADD to the characters story and appeal. These are the things that create legendry characters thst get fan art not just the game play imo


Only way I could see people buying a stage pack is if it’s 10 bucks and includes skins for the character the stage is for.

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I would definitely pay for more stages. I don’t think they should continue the story after this (at least for this game, save it for KI4).

Extra characters, stages and costumes/accessories I would be down for though.

I would pay a lot more than 10$ and I don’t need skins with my stages. That could be something totally seperate they do also. I just desperately want everyone to have a stage. Lol. I can’t help but think how awesome rash’s and Mira’s stages would be… Gargos too , you would think he’d some insanely extravegent, bad ■■■ stage since he’s the boss. I just feel like part of KI’s essence is that everyone has their own unique stage.

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Real talk, I’d buy the f**k out of some extra stages. Not even joking. Just don’t gouge us on the price and it’s all good.


I do not think this is the final season. The game just had its highest unique user base ever. Why stop now?

Not gonna lie. It’s a damn shame that not every character has a stage. Why is this game still on such a fixed budget? Does the community need to reach into our pockets again to make this happen or what? Such a shame how KI is being treated by MS.


I’d be absolutely ecstatic if they gave the characters who’ve gone without stages a home base. The way Killer Instinct is formatted would be perfect for additions like this down the road. Since Season 3 came with all sorts of new bells and whistles (updated lighting, PC port, new mechanics,etc) I can live with them not dealing with stages right this second. But just because it’s not on the table with the admittedly extremely hectic schedule now doesn’t mean it should never happen.

I mean, by the end of the Season we’ll have a pretty big roster of fighters old, new, and guest. After the last character in S3 is released, I think it’d be best of they focus on adding additional content like stages, costumes, game modes, practice options, and even Ultimates if we were to live in a perfect world. It could be spaced out and more relaxed in schedule to make sure things get done well and people can allocate resources to generally system improvements rather than building entirely new characters from the ground up to be released monthly.

I don’t know how the @developers would want to handle this sort of post S3 support, but I certainly wouldn’t mind a long break from new characters/stories to get general bits of goodies like this. :slight_smile:




fixed budget probably cause even though many people have played it, a smaller percent have actually paid for content.

I’m sure it’s making profit (i believe MS has said this), but its not making huge profits like some triple A titles…


I really hope the rest of the characters get stages. The completionist in me wants them to get stages, and for Eyedoll to get in the game to complete the roster.

And if a new guest character gets another stage, but nobody else, I’ll flip.


After seeing how great mira turned out she desperately needs a stage too showcase her.


Anyone that disagrees should be insta-banned.

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That sounds incredible !!!

SHH! You better delete your comment before devs see this!