3.9 Rough Sets

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Bonus Vid:
Retro Spinal Montage (Frost Man Edition) [Mega Man 8 Tribute]


Forgot to say this on the forums, but GGs @UABass with our FT10 a few days ago. I felt like I really improved between that and our previous one and it was very enjoyable :slight_smile:



I can’t wait to meet you again! We should play FT5 at KiT. :smiley:


Bonus Vid:
Kilgore One-Chance Combos and Tech by Domi / ドミー (Killer Instinct: Season 3)

I’ll return with more Rough Sets soon enough. Very busy month of January even after the holidays.


My matches from Kombo Klash Japan 2017. The entire tournament can be found at Ultra Arcade’s Twitch archives ► https://www.twitch.tv/UltraArcade

Kombo Klash Japan 2017 (Pools): Osomatsu / 御粗末 (Omen) vs. UA|Bass (Spinal/Cinder)

Kombo Klash Japan 2017 (Pools): UA|Bass (Spinal/Mira) vs. Domi / ドミー (Kilgore/General RAAM)

Kombo Klash Japan 2017 (Top 8): CAT DRUGS (Glacius) vs. UA|Bass (Spinal)

Kombo Klash Japan 2017 (Top 8 Winners Finals): Ret / れト (Kim Wu) vs. UA|Bass (Spinal)

Kombo Klash Japan 2017 (Grand Finals + Interview): UA|Bass (Spinal) vs. Osomatsu / 御粗末 (Gargos)


After a very busy holiday/tournament season, this special Rough Sets is finally available to celebrate the 300th one. Thank you again to everyone who’s watched and participated from the very beginning. The journey and grind will never stop. We welcome my 3 special guests today, @CVERIMZ as my opponent, and we have BxA|Charbok and BxA|DevilMayCare with their duo commentary. Since the beginning of Season 1, I always knew who CVE RIMZ was, the super beastly Glacius that made the heavens cry. We’d always interact through Twitch chats and stuff, and since back then, I slowly evolved into who you guys know as “Bass”. But for almost three years, we have never, ever, sat down and played a single match. That ends today with this dream match exhibition. What happens when you put two mythological creatures in the same lobby for the first time? Let’s bring some of that action back into your homes today.

You can purchase Kilgore today for $10 and 50% of all Kilgore purchases will go to the 2017 Killer Instinct Community Fund. Learn more here ► https://www.ultra-combo.com/kilgore-available-part-2017-ki-ultra-tour-community-fund/

Vote for Killer Instinct for Evolution 2017 ►
We have 2 weeks to vote for Killer Instinct for Evolution 2017. If we win, we automatically get put on the main stage for Sunday. Stand together. #PlayKI #VoteKIhttps://www.generosity.com/fundraising/evo-2017-player-vote-killer-instinct

Twitch ► https://www.twitch.tv/XiBassiX
Twitter ► https://www.twitter.com/XiBassiX
Ultra Arcade Official Site ► http://www.ultraarcade.com/
Ultra Arcade Twitter ► https://www.twitter.com/Ultra_Arcade
Ultimate Source Official Site ► https://ultimatesourcekillerinstinct.com/
Follow CVE RIMZ ► https://www.twitch.tv/cverimz
Follow BxA|Charbok ► https://www.twitch.tv/Charbokalypse
Follow BxA|DevilMayCare ► https://www.twitch.tv/DevilMayCare4

#300 Special Edition: Season 3 Rough Sets with CVE RIMZ (Glacius) Ft. BxA|Charbok + BxA|DevilMayCare

Rough Sets is officially back. Thank you for your patience.

PS - I can’t change the topic to 3.6 because apparently my name is a curse word -_-


2nd time @CVERIMZ hasn’t been tagged lol


UAbass comes off as a curse word?

Also you seem like one of the coolest dudebromanguys in the community, and for that, I thank you.


Lol. Bass’s name is so feared in the KI Community, not even the Forums speak of his name, and deem it blasphemy…

(But yeah, Thanks for everything you’ve done so far Bass. To be honest, you were a major part of me becoming part of the KI Community. Keep doing you dude. I’ll support until the end. :thumbsup: )


New Rough Sets uploads?
I have 7 more ready to go, not including the Cinder Gauntlet I started. If #300 can get some more views and shares, I’ll slowly start releasing all of the other stuff. If interested in participating, join my stream chat or contact me via XBL/Twitter. Spam will be ignored, blocked if severe.


I mean I would but…

You can’t lose if you don’t join.

I am such a coward…


Killer Instinct Rough Sets are back. Thank you again as we journey onto the 300s.

Season 3 Rough Sets with TM VenomBuster (Kan-Ra) (Cinder Edition)

Stay tuned. The first Cinder Gauntlet video will be released later today.


As promised: here we go.

The Killer Instinct Community is back at it again, this time, with an uproar that Cinder’s climbed up the ranks because of the new Potential Damage changes. Some even say he’s possibly Top 5 nowadays. While I think he’s gotten better due to the necessary change to reward his pressure and offense, I don’t think he’s all that in comparison to the higher ups. So I return once again to do my part.

I introduce The Cinder Gauntlet, a mini-series where I take on various Cinder players of all skill levels, and use a variety of characters to destroy them.

Cinder’s footsie game is pretty abysmal, as the only viable normals are most likely Standing MK, and Crouching HK (sweep). His zoning is pretty good, but has holes, and requires detonation of the bombs. If Cinder is somehow damaged, all bombs in play are removed. Inferno is a great spacing tool and does great potential damage, however, the only one you should most likely be concerned about is full screen fired-up state (block low) and it doesn’t do any chip damage. All Infernos are also punishable up-close (except Shadow Inferno). In order for Cinder to do any real damage, he must rely on burnouts. A good defense is great because Cinder players would have to open up their opponents twice in order for them to do anything special. Respect the burnouts and be smart. Trailblazing is usually unsafe and can be basically sneezed on upon block or whiff, unless spaced properly. All DPs (fired up or not) are -6, full combo punish accordingly (even after blocking the flame pillar).

First we have Raven is Raw, who decided to pick up Cinder while I coach him on some things he should be doing. I choose the newly released Kilgore and predict that this matchup will be a 6-4 in Kilgore’s favor in the long run. Enjoy.

The Cinder Gauntlet playlist created.

The Cinder Gauntlet: vs. Raven is Raw (Kilgore Edition)


Season 3 Rough Sets with BxA|DevilMayCare (Sabrewulf) (Kilgore Edition)


TDB|H0TSH0T, previously known as ShadowCageNinja (Mitchell Mead-Lloyd), is a Cinder player that’s been around for a while. I choose Mira in this matchup, which is actually 6-4 in Cinder’s favor. Your first objective is to burn Mira’s arms, and then pressure her from there. Arms being burned takes away her anti airs, 50/50s on the ground, recapture, some of her pressure tools, bats, and Vampire Mist. Only real thing that keeps her alive is the ability to run away and her damage cashout. Heavy DP also catches wake up Mist at any distance traveled.

The Cinder Gauntlet: vs. TDB|H0TSH0T (@ShadowCageNinja)

The Official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF) #3 thread

Bass, you mention that the KI community is in an “uproar” over Cinder since the latest patch… is this really what people are saying? He seems like a character with some good strengths, some good weaknesses, some winning matchups, some losing matchups, just like pretty much every other character in this game.

I’m always happy when you post sets, and actually like your “gauntlet” idea just for the sake of variety. Just a little curious as to why you word the description of your video as you do.


I haven’t seen anyone complain about Cinder at all.


If the number of players playing him is an indicator in ranked, i feel i dont see him as much as i used to.


Some twitch chats and KI FB page posts seem to be complaining about Cinder now that he does “too much damage” or whatever. What’s even worse is that some of the higher level players are saying the same thing, and possibly throwing him in a potential Top 5, so it’s time for me to nip the nonsense in the bud. I too agree with your statement.


Probably because most of them fan the flames.

I get so annoyed when I see that, and unfortunately I see it often.

BTW if I have time I could fight you with my Cinder. He’s rusty but it’ll do.