3.9 Rough Sets

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You ,crazy lcd, always cry !!!. :joy:
I think more people love you, if you have a little more of autocritic and humildity :grin:
You have problem with Mr grimmz , now you have problems with UABass, you are a bad looser.
UABass is a beast.
Best jago and spinal that i have been seen. (i am so sad mrgrimmmz don’t play jago anymore)
Spinal or not, he can kick a lot of asses including you,.
stop cry, you are a great player, but your arrogance is too much for some people like me.
you win 6 matches against uabass man… gg in my opinion
Sorry about my bad english.


Haha. You misunderstand, I love playing everyone. Me and bass are great friends. We joke around a lot.
Remember when I destroyed bass at Northwest Majors?
You gotta learn to joke and have fun man. Life is too short to be serious all the time :slight_smile:
Tomorrow I’ll be saying Buff Fulgore…its funny


I speak spanish… i dont catch the joke!
You are a great player man, congratulations.


Season 3 Rough Sets with TDB|ShadowCageNinja (Cinder) (Shadow Jago Edition)

Season 3 Rough Sets with TDB|Fang (Shadow Jago) (Shadow Jago Edition)

Season 3 Rough Sets with BlackMantis313 (Orchid)


Season 3 Rough Sets with BxA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo) (Part II)

Season 3 Rough Sets with LetalisVenator (Riptor/Omen) (Cinder Edition)


Dat Cinder Color 10 tho
I’ve been watching more of your rough sets. Definitely one of the most fun players to watch, and you definitely bring some interesting company!


Much appreciated. Working on some special content now as well. A gauntlet of some sort. It’ll be revealed soon.

Season 3 Rough Sets with lCharlieboy (Fulgore/Orchid/Maya) (Mira Edition)


I wouldn’t mind taking another crack at you in a FT10…its been a while since I got mauled by Spinal :slight_smile:


ROUGH SET. ROUGH SET. ROUGH SET. :tada: :rage: :tada:


Season 3 Rough Sets with NOTLAW 47 (Omen/Aria) (Jago Edition)


ICYMI: All of my Kombo Klash San Antonio matches can be found on my YouTube channel.

Kombo Klash San Antonio (Grand Finals + Interview): Raven is Raw (Spinal) vs. UA|Bass (Spinal)


I’ve watched this set like five times now, not including watching it live - I just keep going back to the stream archive. Super entertaining, love some of the adjustments you make. You really had me nervous for a minute there!

I haven’t posted in here, but I watch pretty much everything you post, and now I sorta feel bad about not acknowledging it (unless I did and forgot, oops) - almost feels like taking you for granted when you do so much good for us. Thank you for your dedication, truly. You’re a gift to us all, I don’t care if it sounds corny.

Keep up the great work, the play, the content. You’re a lighthouse, man.


Bonus Vid:
Not So Good Montage (Evil Bass Edition)


Rough Sets #300 is taking longer than expected, due to tournaments, holidays, etc etc.
In the meantime, I will post these:

The Killer Instinct Community has always thought that Spinal is in someway overpowered. While I think his tools and moveset were stronger in Season 2, I never thought he was all that menacing, especially compared to the rest of the cast, even back then.

I introduce The Spinal Gauntlet, a mini-series where I take on various Spinal players of all skill levels, and use a variety of characters to destroy them.

Spinal’s anti air game is not the strongest, does not have a wake up, loses to pressure, and only does real damage capitalizing on lockouts and resets. Learning to block, shadow counter, poke through gaps, and fight through the smoke and mirrors is key. Remember that if Spinal gets hit, all skulls in play go away.

First we have a Brazilian Spinal player, and I choose Mira. This matchup is 6-4 in Mira’s favor. Enjoy.

The Spinal Gauntlet: vs. Biel Ribeiro554 (Mira Edition)

Next up, we have Danzino. I choose Jago this time around. Safe to say this matchup is arguably 5.5-4.5 in Jago’s favor nowadays, maybe a possible 6-4. Much more room for error, since Spinal can’t drain resources anymore, and Jago can build them fairly quickly, option selects for Spinal’s wake up, plus on many strings, and great reset potential. You also have the health regeneration to factor in. Enjoy.

The Spinal Gauntlet: vs. Danzino (Jago Edition)

Europe’s MBA Banemobius brings his Spinal to play. I switch over to Shadow Jago to showcase how this matchup should be handled. This is a 5-5. Both characters do not have a real advantage over each other. In Season 2, Shadow Jago dominated this match. Enjoy.

The Spinal Gauntlet: vs. MBA Banemobius (Shadow Jago Edition)

Rewired Champion TGZ Svm and I play a set. Choosing Cinder, I touch base with what players like EctopicILLusion and BloodyZiff should be doing fighting Spinal. This matchup is also a 5-5.

The Spinal Gauntlet: vs. TGZ Svm (Cinder Edition)

Spinal mirrors are too crazy? Self proclaimed “2nd Best Spinal” Muzk1ll4 (I assure you that is not true) takes my Spinal on. While typical Spinal pressure may not work, due to Skeleports and Power Devour, Spinal does have anti-Spinal stuff in case you run the mirror.

The Spinal Gauntlet: vs. Muzk1ll4

RM|MorbidHoagie has been around since Season 1. I use Jago first. Again, Jago does have an advantage here due to character tools.

The Spinal Gauntlet: vs. RM|MorbidHoagie (Jago Edition)

RM|MorbidHoagie now takes on my Spinal in the mirror. Again, Spinal also has tech for the mirror, to punish the other Spinal’s setups and play. Typical setups may turn awkward due to Skeleports. Be aware on using certain pressure strings to bait the opposing Spinal into a bad position.

The Spinal Gauntlet: vs. RM|MorbidHoagie

I took Truth under my wing back in Season 1. Other than Raven, he’s the Spinal player to look out for. Cinder is chosen for this set. It’s interesting because Truth’s Cinder is also very good. As a Spinal/Cinder main himself, let’s see if he can adapt to the pressure Cinder should be doing against Spinal.

The Spinal Gauntlet: vs. BH|Truthx (Cinder Edition)

Master/Student matchup here. Watch two high level Spinals go at it in the mirror.

The Spinal Gauntlet: vs. BH|Truthx

These are all Patch 3.5 btw. Regardless, this is the gist on how you should combat Spinal.


Good stuff!!

When are you coming to Tokyo again? :wink:


Danzino - “I need to run this back Bass. I appreciate the showcase but I don’t think I played well. I’ve watched the replays and would like another chance please.”
…Show me.

The Spinal Gauntlet: vs. Danzino (Jago Edition) (Part II)


Raven is Raw is the best Spinal player if I were to disappear overnight. With that being said, I decide to choose Cinder to see if his Spinal can keep up.

The Spinal Gauntlet: vs. Raven is Raw (Cinder Edition)

You want the hype again? How about a rematch? Kombo Klash San Antonio Grand Finals run back. The two very best Spinals.

The Spinal Gauntlet: vs. Raven is Raw

While the matchup is in my favor, I’m not sure if my Mira will be able to handle Raven. Let’s find out.

The Spinal Gauntlet: vs. Raven is Raw (Mira Edition)



THEOMNIPOTENT30 is another Spinal player that has been around. Here’s another Mira Edition.

The Spinal Gauntlet: vs. THEOMNIPOTENT30 (Mira Edition)


Bonus Vids:

Like, Comment, Subscribe (Killer Instinct: Season 3)

The “Killer” Ranks (Killer Instinct: Season 3)


ggs @UABass