3.9 Rough Sets

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yo @UABass are you free on friday this week? wanna play against you man


Here’s a bonus video. Enjoy.

Killer Instinct - Hardcore Achievement: Beat Gargos on Godlike Difficulty in Shadow Lords


Season 3 Rough Sets with Raven is Raw (Spinal)

Season 3 Rough Sets with BxA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo)


Man, I just barely finally beat Gargos for the first time the same day as you uploaded this. I still got a long way to go!


Season 3 Rough Sets with BxA|Charbok (Jago) (Jago Edition)


Season 3 Rough Sets with JTHM and SQEE (Kan-Ra) (Shadow Jago Edition)

Season 3 Rough Sets with VinnyMcBoomBoom (Rash) (Cinder Edition)


Bonus Video:
Morri-Spinal Soul Fist Skulls (Killer Instinct: Season 3)


What. The. ■■■■. :joy:



We are all done for.

GGS Everyone. :joy:

Did everyone see that meter gain? Spinal has just gotten scarier. :confused:


That was pretty ridiculous. Talk about chaos.


Another Bonus Video:

Max Speaks The BH|Truthx (Killer Instinct: Season 3)

Also, the very first 3.5 Rough Sets video. Not sure whether to make a new post or not, let me know everyone:
Season 3 Rough Sets with LetalisVenator (Gargos/Aganos)


Season 3 Rough Sets with TBS Sickle (Glacius) (Part II)


I’d say keep it all here. Nice to have everything archived in a single thread.


You can just edit the title and have it all here :grinning:


interesting sets right there bass i like them ^^



Also, it would be cool if we can have all of them in the first post, so we can access easily to them

@UABass, if it’s a problem for you, I could send you a message with all the links together, so you could just edit your first post, copy&paste my message, and profit!


Hm. I dunno. I like that when I see a new unread message on the thread, it’s likely a brand new match video. Editing the first post doesn’t do that if I’m not mistaken. The current way makes it super easy to search for new content.


No no, I don’t mean to just edit the first post. I would suggest making a new post with the newest content but ALSO edit the first post.

So, if I see a new message, I know that the last post could be a video, but also I can find them quickly in the first post, so if, for example, Bass played against me on post #54, I don’t have to go there to see my video, I have it in the first post, so it’s easier to find, but it can also stay on post #54


Whatever’s convenient for you guys.

Season 3 Rough Sets with CrazyLCD (Orchid) (Part II)