3.9 Rough Sets

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Looks like my Gauntlet Editions caught Illusion’s attention. Let’s see if his Cinder can handle the gang.

Season 3 Rough Sets with EctopicILLusion (Cinder) (Gauntlet Edition)


The Wheels set was pretty good. I think both formats work fine depending on what you’re feeling. The benefit of the FT3s is that we get more games on average.


Bonus Vid:

Whoa, KI is on Steam now? Well, looks like more body bags and more players to be found! No worries though, I got you. Let’s tackle the Dojo Mode (in 2017) and see the rules and regulations and learn how to play Killer Instinct. Be sure to stay tuned for updates and check out Infil’s guide (link down below)!

The KI Bible:
@Infilament’s Guide ► http://ki.infil.net/

Matchups Explained: Dojo Mode (Killer Instinct: Season 3)


Alright folks, back to the juicy stuff. h4MmeR Tim3 returns with his Aganos while I give him some games in Gauntlet fashion. Enjoy!

Season 3 Rough Sets with h4MmeR Tim3 (Aganos) (Gauntlet Edition)


Letalis joins me once again in some exhibition matches, featuring a bunch of different characters and matchups.

Season 3 Rough Sets with MnT|Letalis (Omen/Aganos/General RAAM) (Gauntlet Edition)


It was Banemobius’ birthday yesterday? Punches are so 90’s. How about I give him something much more impactful?

Season 3 Rough Sets with MBA Banemobius (Eyedol) (Gauntlet Edition)


Wanna check out a blast from the past? Season 2 vet Anime Freak AJ returns for some games with an old friend.

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Season 3 Rough Sets with Anime Freak AJ (Hisako) (Gauntlet Edition)


Killer Instinct at high-level is always a sight to see. But what do you get when two gods finally meet? All it took was one question:

“CrazySkateNate_KI: Bass, your Shago vs my Jago?”

Will the hero prevail, or submit to the darkness? Find out.

Season 3 Rough Sets with CrazySkateNate (Jago) (Shadow Jago Edition)


Really interesting set, I think I could watch 10 seconds of the 1st match without names on and know immediately it was you two playing. Nate has a very distinct style of Jago.

Since you’re one of the few people who put KI sets out regularly Bass, I’ve watched you progress as a player quite a bit over the last year or so. You’re a lot better now than you were earlier in the year, I feel, even though it seems KI isn’t your main game anymore. You use shadow meter so much better and you are way more willing to extend your combos. I even see you counter break a bit more often. But especially with those first two, I think you are getting somewhere between 30 and 40% free extra damage per match because of your adjusted style of playing, and it’s making you a lot harder to play against.

I’m not really sure where the inspiration came from for you (other games perhaps?), but I think a lot of other players at or near the top level could benefit from similar adjustments to their game as well.


Free damage is the best damage :ok_hand:t5:


Secret video no more! Due to popular demand and feedback, this video is now available to the public. I wasn’t planning on making this, but this is my input on a player after playing a FT10. I won this heavily in my favor, and decided to share some thoughts. I’m just glad that people are willing to learn. Please share if this video helped and inspired you!

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Closing Thoughts: Thanksgiving and Player Analysis (Killer Instinct: Season 3)


Solid advice all around. :+1:t5: Thanks for sharing, and hope you had (at least) a reasonably good Thanksgiving holiday!


I would not want to be you today. Wait, how do you play this game again?

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Killer Instinct Rough Sets playlist updated.

Season 3 Rough Sets with AnimeNinjaBlade (Maya) (Cinder Edition)

Also, some Hisako tech, share if you can:

Hisako: Zero Wrath Meter Ultra


No good Cinder players you say? Let’s see if this old man still has it.

Season 3 Rough Sets with PoUnDz duVal (Kim Wu/Cinder) (Cinder Edition)


Hey @UABass, weird question, but did I come across you playing under a pseudonym? It was a couple of characters you don’t usually play except for Jago. You totally kicked my ■■■ 14-3, but we disconnected on the last match.

I know it might be a weird question, but it was a lot of the same style you have. And it looks as though you have been practicing other characters for familiarity. I don’t want to name the pseudonym in case you are just looking for privacy. I just thought I would ask because these were moves no one new to the game would have.


I only play under my own name, sorry.


Yeah, I know it is weird to ask. What made me think it was you – besides just play style – was the username “???” on the Steam network and I have seen you use the three question marks in titles of your YouTube vids. it was a stretch, but figured I would see.

Because, man, that guy could anti-air and perform resets like a pro.


Yeah, the question mark thing is just a name error the Steam version gives for some reason. I was running against Grief the other day and it did that for his name, even though his tag doesn’t have any weird characters or symbols or anything.


Ah, thanks for the info, Storm. That clears it up.


That’s interesting. I actually did the ??? before, and it turned out to be Raven is Raw, since he was a special guest at my place for about 2 weeks (using my Gamertag).

I repeat this again with the latest video, with another special guest who came for a visit :wink: