3.9 Rough Sets

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A wild Charbok appeared! He wanted some practice games in for his Gargos, so I made him run the gauntlet. It’s the only way, right?

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Season 3 Rough Sets with UA|Charbok (Gargos) (Gauntlet Edition)


It’s all about tough love.


Time to reveal ???. The player behind the last few vids was actually xMoxyMayhamx. His Riptor and Kim Wu play has always been very strong. We sit down and decide to play a few casuals. Thanks for stopping by, Moxy!

Guest Info:
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Season 3 Rough Sets with xMoxyMayhamx (Kim Wu) (Kilgore Edition)


Geez, 400? Thank you to everyone who’s ever watched and participated in these sets. For the first time ever, Devil stopped by to pay a visit. We first met by playing Titanfall together, and then we found each other in KI Ranked one time. I told him some advice and he basically told me to f*** off. Since then, not only did we become best friends, he decided to put his pride aside, get better, take advice (positive and harsh) and become the TJ player you all know today. From his very first major (Killer Instinct World Cup 2016) to his recent journey with Soul Calibur VI here at East Coast Throwdown, we sit down to play a few matches to celebrate fun, friendship, and growth (ayo).


Gauntlet Edition (Multiple FT5s):
► 0:28 - TJ Combo vs. Jago
► 17:16 - TJ Combo vs. Shadow Jago
► 39:55 - TJ Combo vs. Cinder
► 1:00:27 - TJ Combo vs. Mira
► 1:21:08 - TJ Combo vs. Eagle

Killer Instinct Rough Sets playlist updated.

#400 Special Edition: Season 3 Rough Sets with UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo) (Gauntlet Edition) OFFLINE


Texas Black Sheep’s Hank Hill hit me up for some Mira practice a while ago. Here’s how it went down. Enjoy.

Season 3 Rough Sets with TBS|Hankhill (TJ Combo) (Mira Edition)