3.9 Rough Sets

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Its: deltarayquaza


A short stream before work lead to a random challenge! Illusion returns with some Eagle action of his own, and a new and improved Shadow Jago. Can my monk handle this?

Season 3 Rough Sets with EctopicILLusion (Eagle/Shadow Jago) (Jago Edition)


I think he’s okay. In instinct he’s obnoxious. Top 5 has been very hard to pinpoint in Season 3 due to so many characters that can be switched out, but I usually don’t put him up there. I have a bunch of others instead


Interesting, I think he is my 5th character for top 5 in this patch (Aria, Mira, Omen, Rash, Eyedol). He is probably the most underexplored character in the game with tools that are downright silly. He survived the nerf bat (not counting the dumb version at launch) for all of S3 and if this game gets picked up by more players after the Steam release, we might see some really crazy stuff. Instinct is insane, yes, but definitely not the only part of him that is crazy. I think his only real weakness is sometimes it’s hard for Warrior to beat zoning, the rest of him is super strong.


Salty Runback? Character lock? You got it. Who’s gonna take it? Good or Evil? Find out.

Season 3 Rough Sets with EctopicILLusion (Shadow Jago) (Jago Edition)


I heard Roosterdrill wanted a set with me (and Raven as well) for a long time now. Well, we make it happen in this runback since his first appearance here many moons ago. Enjoy.

Season 3 Rough Sets with Roosterdrill01 (Glacius) (Part II)


Remember that cartoon show, The Smurfs? Anyway, more Eagle play! Newcomer SetplaY 37 requests a set with my Jago. Check out some tech shown here.

Season 3 Rough Sets with SetplaY 37 (Eagle) (Jago Edition)


It’s been quite some time already, so here’s some Mira play from yours truly. Check out this set between Hologram and I. Enjoy.

Season 3 Rough Sets with HW|XxHoLoGrAmXx (Thunder) (Mira Edition)


Dusting off Cinder, I take on newcomer ZDhome’s Jago. I always enjoy seeing someone with a great mindset that wants to improve. Enjoy.

Season 3 Rough Sets with ZDhome (Jago) (Cinder Edition)


TIME TO COOK AND GIT GUD SCRUBS!!! …At least, that’s usually what I would hear from my guest today. CHEF CINDER got a rage quit last night, so I stepped in and gave him a FT10 he deserves. Check it out!

Season 3 Rough Sets with ToD CHEF CINDER (Cinder)


I’ll be going on vacation, so here are some sets to watch while I’m away. Stream subscriber Armanello joins Rough Sets with his Aganos and takes on my Shadow Jago. Enjoy.

Season 3 Rough Sets with Armanello (Aganos) (Shadow Jago Edition)


Subscribers are joining in on the fun and training. Raxray brings his Omen to the stage and requests to fight my…Kilgore? I haven’t touched this character since release, but I hope you guys can learn something from my rusty bot.

Season 3 Rough Sets with RaxraySoSneaky (Omen) (Kilgore Edition)


@zdhome PogChamp


Please roast my performance so I can learn. :blush:


Haha. Mind if I link to it in the Replay and Analysis thread? That’s probably the better place for that discussion.


Shago is feelin himself in the next set against @MnTLetalis. Here is a preview:


Well, would you look at the time? Come check out this painful 5-5 matchup (for both sides) and the new Code Red Omen color by two of the Top 8 finalists from Defend The North 2017!

Killer Instinct Rough Sets playlist updated.
Season 3 Rough Sets with ItzTymeToDul (Omen) (Cinder Edition)


After running into him about 5 times in a row on Ranked, Krathius requests a set with my Jago.

Season 3 Rough Sets with Krathius (Shadow Jago) (Jago Edition)


Play All Gaming’s JChaos brings his Hisako and Wulf to battle me. I change things up a bit and go back to newly released Eagle.

Season 3 Rough Sets with PAG|JChaos (Hisako/Sabrewulf) (Eagle Edition)


New challengers are approaching left and right! Kazuchika Okada takes on my vampire with his Rash and Sabrewulf duo in a FT10.

Season 3 Rough Sets with Kazuchika Okada (Rash/Sabrewulf) (Mira Edition)