3.9 Rough Sets

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See you guys at CEO.

S F 921 issues a challenge in chat right after I was done with DsV Black. Let’s see what he’s got.

Season 3 Rough Sets with S F 921 (Hisako)


The international Kombo Klash Champion returns and brings out his Eyedol. Am I ready for this Shadow Lord? Find out.

Season 3 Rough Sets with TG|CoopStar (Eyedol)


BRICK1248 returns with a new and improved Kan-Ra. I switch over to Shadow Jago to show you guys a matchup you probably don’t see too often. Enjoy.

Season 3 Rough Sets with BRICK1248 (Kan-Ra) (Shadow Jago Edition)


Circa|Aphex has been wanting to play my Shadow Jago for a very long time. After a busy and heavy work load (ayo), I finally make it happen. Enjoy.

Season 3 Rough Sets with Circa|Aphex (Rash) (Shadow Jago Edition)


I have a scrub Jago? Spinal beats Jago this patch? Excuse me, a money match vs. my Jago? Do you know who I am? I’m the King of Bones. I accept. I’ll autograph the body bag afterwards. Have my money ready. Enjoy guys.

Also: Thank you everyone who tuned in and donated. You guys are awesome.

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Season 3 Rough Sets with pMs OMNI (NICE Low Tier Jago Edition) FT10 Money Match

What a way to start 3.8 Rough Sets.

Killer Instinct Rough Sets playlist updated.


This was the most salt filled money match I’ve ever seen.

Prep the body bag and Ramen. :smiling_imp:

We need a BassNice Emote lol


Is there a back story to that match? Who is this guy and why does everyone seem to dislike him lol


I’m really eager to see one high level set with someone using Eagle.


He had a money match on Bass’ stream vs Illusion and lost 10-1 (Cinder vs Spinal).

There was mocking on Facebook when it was posted, and Omni suggested Bass should know Spinal vs Cinder is tough as shown by Valoraxe beating Bass (which I’ll be honest about and say that seeing that on multiple occasions has put me off the MU too, much rather use Eyedol there particularly as Valoraxe is the main Cinder I fight). Omni then directly challenged Bass to this character locked money match, which was confusing as if he lost so badly to Illusion there wasn’t much expectation of him winning a game vs Bass, never mind a money match.


Newly released Eagle (Thunder’s brother) plays like a mashup of Nakoruru, Green Arrow, and Hawkeye all-in-one! Check out this FT10 as I take on the up and coming Aganos player: h4MmeR Tim3.

Season 3 Rough Sets with h4MmeR Tim3 (Aganos/Hisako) (Eagle Edition)


How does Eagle do against the best TJ? Let’s see how this matchup unfolds as we both experience it for the first time.

Season 3 Rough Sets with UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo) (Eagle Edition)


Who do you think wins this MU Bass? I’m in favor of TJ, because once TJ knocks down Eagle, it becomes a struggle if the TJ has good Oki.


Way too early to say. Eagle’s only been out for like 3 days


Bonus Video!

3.8 is here. After some games, Devil and I take our time to explain some stuff we think about during the Jago/TJ Combo matchup, our tendencies, the mind games, and more! Check it out.

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Matchups Explained: Jago vs. TJ Combo Ft. UA|DevilMayCare (Killer Instinct: Season 3)


Eyedol is in this game? Watch as Thunder’s former missing brother (played by me) tests the waters with this matchup.

Season 3 Rough Sets with B3Bo COX (Eyedol) (Eagle Edition)


Jeez @UABass!

These sets are amazing for Spectators and Players. Some of the stuff you and your crew execute in these matches look scary as hell. Because of the variety of characters and players, it has just the right combination of tech and hype.

Honestly for ANYONE looking to get into KI, watch these sets to see how hype it can be. If anyone is interested in learning a particular char but just don’t have an idea on how to play them, watch one of these sets involving that character. You’ll pick up tech, BnB combos, and subtle tricks that you won’t find anywhere else.

Jesus Christ dude. I gotta reset my PayPal password and show your twitch channel some love.


Watch out, this character is sleeper top 5! Not kidding.


Is @deltarayquaza still secretly showing people how good he is?


Secretly ? I do stream gameplay from time to time showing off some tech


No kidding? My fault dude, what’s your stream?