3.9 Rough Sets

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A Wild Bass Appears…

The last time Dayton and I played on here, he wasn’t even Wheels yet. Here’s my cameo appearance, keeping my word, and helping him train for Combo Breaker 2017.

Season 3 Rough Sets with UA|Wheels (Tusk)


Here’s a Rough Set with another teammate: Charbok. I usually coach behind the scenes, but I do want everyone to get better and improve. Watch as he takes on my Spinal as I show him what Spinal can do vs. Gargos. Don’t sleep on this man. I’m warning you all now.

Season 3 Rough Sets with UA|Charbok (Gargos)


EctopicILLusion has vastly improved his mindset and gameplay since I met him way back when. He runs sets all of the time on this channel and takes on various opponents. Time for the coach to take off his whistle and show him what a real opponent feels like.

Season 3 Rough Sets with EctopicILLusion (Cinder) (Part V)


After some training with Street Fighter, I revisit Moxy’s Riptor with a surprise set to see how far he’s come along.

Season 3 Rough Sets with xMoxyMayhamx (Riptor)


Messing around with Shadow Jago, I challenge Zero Syndicate with his own main.

Season 3 Rough Sets with SRT|Zero Syndicate (General RAAM/Shin Hisako) (Shadow Jago Edition)


The Best Riptor returns for one last hurrah. We did one Rough Set back in Season 2, and everything else was just tournament matches, blessed by the Book of Riptor. I’m gonna slap him into retirement like he rightfully deserves. I also wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. Let’s touch CEO Belts one last time, old friend (ayo).

Season 3 Rough Sets with Selfless|Fiyah Liger (Riptor) (Mira Edition)


After Combo Breaker’s Auction Tournament, D3ADLYKANSAS asks me to run it back, so that he can continue to learn and not get bodied in anymore auctions. Keep an eye out for this kid in the future.

Season 3 Rough Sets with RR|D3ADLYKANSAS (Fulgore)


That bidding war he had with Nicky in that auction was priceless :joy: I love this guy


Here’s another set request. Time to dust off my monk. Respect the chancleta.

Season 3 Rough Sets with MoC TheCriminal (Shadow Jago/General RAAM/Gargos) (Jago Edition)


DevilMayCare had an amazing performance at Combo Breaker this year. Proving to be the crowd favorite again, we go back to training.

Season 3 Rough Sets with UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo) (Mira Edition) (Part II)


International Rough Sets incoming. My vampire is thirsty.

Season 3 Rough Sets with UT Aldebaran (Rash/Shadow Jago) (Mira Edition)


Here’s a Rough Set with a familiar Eyedol player.

Season 3 Rough Sets with Delta Rayquaza (Arbiter/Eyedol)


Another international Rough Sets incoming. Challenger is from Dominican Republic. Let’s turn up the heat.

Season 3 Rough Sets with Reikomk (Rash) (Cinder Edition)


BinaryZodiac returns with his Eyedol and requests to fight my Cinder.

Season 3 Rough Sets with BinaryZodiac (Eyedol) (Cinder Edition)


Give it to Zodiac - he’s always willing to take an L to learn. Respect :thumbsup:


PAG|JChaos finally gets on Rough Sets and takes on your boy.

Season 3 Rough Sets with PAG|JChaos (Hisako) (Shadow Jago Edition)


New challengers left and right! Check out DirtysBongWata’s Aria while he takes on my Cinder.

Season 3 Rough Sets with DirtysBongWata (Aria) (Cinder Edition)


The legendary monk finally joins Rough Sets and uses his Tiger Spirit to runback the Killer Instinct classic. You should also check out the work he does for StreamMe, both tournaments and articles (Twitter link below).

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Season 3 Rough Sets with JagoBlake (Jago)


Whoa, Raven’s playing Sabrewulf? The two Spinal kings go at it, in a matchup you’ve never seen from us. Check it out.

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Season 3 Rough Sets with Raven is Raw (Sabrewulf) (Mira Edition)


Up and coming Mira player DsV Black challenges me to a Rough Set.

Season 3 Rough Sets with DsV Black (Mira) (Cinder Edition)