3.9 Rough Sets

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Holt sheet Rebelo is a bad ■■■! Love watching him play!


Season 3 Rough Sets with BxA|Jackal (Gargos) (Part IV)


Season 3 Rough Sets with EctopicILLusion (Shadow Jago) (Cinder Edition)


Big shoutouts to all of the new subs today. 59 already, so channel badge and 6 emotes are now being processed. +2 more emotes when I reach 100. Thank you, for real. Anyway:

Season 3 Rough Sets with DESCENT TROOPER (Arbiter) (Cinder Edition)


Season 3 Rough Sets with PHYCOTICA (Aria)


Phycotica has an Aria? Wow. Interesting!


Season 3 Rough Sets with HereticMAGICMAN (Arbiter) (Kilgore Edition)


Season 3 Rough Sets with RM|MorbidHoagie (Spinal) (Cinder Edition) (Part II)


Season 3 Rough Sets with Frodotbagginzz (Maya)


Season 3 Rough Sets with Your LycanPunk (Sabrewulf) (Jago Edition)


Rough sets, your daily supply of 10-1 thrashings.


Season 3 Rough Sets with RM|MorbidHoagie (Spinal/Hisako) (Mira Edition)


Some Killer Instinct World Cup training before I disappear.

Season 3 Rough Sets with xMoxyMayhamx (Kim Wu)

Season 3 Rough Sets with UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo)

Season 3 Rough Sets with Raven is Raw (Spinal) (Part II)


Bass will play against anyone no matter their skill level. This is why you get some really lopsided fights. However don’t judge those who got thrashed too harshly, as most of them are great players over all.

Bass is incredibly talented and one of the best, if not the best Spinal player in the world.

Also if you watch all his fights, he does get challenged.

Honestly watch all the vids lots of good tech to absorb.


In case you missed it:

UA|Bass and the future of Killer Instinct:

It is no surprise to all (if you’ve followed me) that the game clearly makes me unhappy, frustrates me, and makes me sad to even play (win or lose). It is no longer the game I once fell in love with. I gave Season 3 a full year and it just isn’t for me anymore. However, the community is basically family, and I will always support no matter what. I’ve decided to:

  • Do one more final Rough Set with a special someone.
  • Finish my StreamMe KrossUp run to support my friends: JagoBlake and Mr. Aquaman.
  • Continue streaming but only for Group Sets and involving the community.
  • Coaching my friends and slowly evolving them into the players I know that they can be.
  • Continue being the main source of Killer Instinct content on YouTube, showcasing sets, knowledge, and maybe more.
  • I will no longer practice the game or play it on my own time. My streams will no longer have me playing. It is time to move on.
  • I will start playing Street Fighter V once again, as a Vega main, and I will start from the bottom up (expect SFV Rough Sets).
  • I will still register at offline events, as a sign of support, to the game/community, and represent Ultra Arcade, NJ, and the East Coast respectively.
  • I will continue to answer questions when I can, about advice, matchups, and FGC/KI stuff.
  • Continue being an inspiration to the FGC altogether, and not just be limited to KI.
  • Embark on a new adventure. Win or lose regardless, it would be a great experience for me as a fighting game player.

I want to thank you all for the support throughout the years. While the bones lay to rest, they’ll appear as a cameo from time to time, and maybe, if the game ever makes me love once again, I’ll return. But in the meantime, I hope you all enjoyed my run, continue to enjoy my content, and of course, enjoy 3.7, Shin Hisako, and the many more things to come for Killer Instinct.

I love you all, and I’ll be cheering from the sidelines. #FightOn and #PlayKI, forever and always.

  • UA|Bass.


Thank you Bass.

Thank you for being such a huge part of KI over the past few years. It’s been a major blessing to have you! Good luck on your future endeavors. I’m sure it will be great.

You have my support with anything you do for sure.

Thanks again Bass, for everything.

Fight On. :thumbsup:


Once I’m done with Fire Emblem, I’ll start recording more sets in your place :slight_smile:


Good luck with that pal, LOL


Good to see you’re not going to be completely out of the KI picture. I’m glad that you’re moving on to something that will make you happy. Wish you all the best! :grin::+1:


Bass you’ll always be the greatest Spinal player in the world to me, and I love watching all of your videos and soaking in as much tech as I can.

I can certainly understand you distancing yourself from KI as it has evolved and with all things evolution it isn’t always in the direction that you enjoy.

Take care and I look forward to seeing all of your other content!