3.9 Rough Sets

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It’s okay Sonic we still like your Kim Wu

EDIT: Didn’t you beat a top player in KrossUp with Kim Wu?


Got all the way to Top 8 lol. Also did that with her once in 8BBD.




My bad my man. I basically typed “Kim Wu” on YouTube and only saw lcd, bastfree and ret.

I definitely gonna check your kim wu if I have the opportunity. Don’t feel bad. You probably are a much better player than me and I know you for having a very good cinder and glacius. If I haven’t seen your Kim and the other guy(and more people) says you have a good kim, that’s my fault, right?

I hope I haven’t offended you or something like that. Sometimes is hard to keep it up with the top scene.


lol I’m not offended just messing with you. Can’t expect everyone to see my content.


Season 3 Rough Sets with UA|KALYPSO (Fulgore) (Jago Edition)

Season 3 Rough Sets with xMoxyMayhamx (Riptor) (Mira Edition)


EctopicILLusion is a strong Cinder main that’s leveled up throughout the tournament season. I choose Spinal (which is 5-5) in this FT10. Spinal has options to maneuver and punish DPs, bombs, and infernos, but Cinder has great air mobility and pressure to keep Spinal pressured at all times. After knockdowns, Cinders should go for a heavy bomb setup and then choose options from there. Remember, Spinal does not have a real wake up option. Teleports can be punished/option selected, and Shadow Teleport will always hit behind, you can block/punish/neutral jump, etc etc. Cinder’s main focus will be to burn Spinal’s arms first, as it takes away: Power Devour, skulls, anti airs, soul sword, standing and crouching LP. With that out of the way, Spinal would have to back off until the flames go away.

Follow EctopicILLusion ► https://www.twitch.tv/Ectopic_ILLusion

The Cinder Gauntlet: vs. EctopicILLusion

The Cinder Gauntlet playlist updated.


Season 3 Rough Sets with FinchoMatic (Aganos) (Cinder Edition)


Season 3 Rough Sets with Raven is Raw (Spinal) (Cinder Edition)


Season 3 Rough Sets with STDx Rebelo (TJ Combo) (Part II)


Season 3 Rough Sets with UA|Brandon Alexander (Tusk)


Season 3 Rough Sets with HW|MackMane504 (Orchid) (Cinder Edition)


Season 3 Rough Sets with MisterSadFlumps (Sadira)

Last breath of HOPE. Help her Please IG. patch 3.7 or later but help

Loving these daily KI FT10 videos. Keep it up @UABass


Thanks guys. All sharing and views of these vids go a very long way and help myself out, the community, and the players participating.

Season 3 Rough Sets with CursingK1337ex (Hisako/Orchid) (Cinder Edition)


I am officially a Twitch Partner! You can now sub to my channel here ► https://www.twitch.tv/products/xibassix/ticket?ref=below_video_subscribe_button

I’ll get you guys emotes and stuff as soon as I can.

Anyway, back to Rough Sets:

Season 3 Rough Sets with OGTY (Aria)


Congratulations dude! That’s amazing! Ecstatic for you. If anyone deserved a Partnership by Twitch from the KI Community, it was you hands down. So glad. Rock on dude!

Back to the shadows I go


Congrats on the achievement Bass - it’s well deserved. :thumbsup:


I check the sets out pretty often, so even though I don’t reply in here doesn’t mean I don’t watch. So yeah, if you are having fun producing this kind of content, keep it up. Also, that Twitch thing is long overdue for sure.


Again everyone, I really appreciate all of the kind words. Spread the love! Any shares of these vids really goes a long way.

Season 3 Rough Sets with UA|Charbok (Glacius) (Jago Edition)