3.9 Group Sets (Community Sets)

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Always fun to watch a Kan-Ra set. Never fun to play against though.


Check out this Killer Instinct World Cup 2017 last chance qualifier runback between these two.

Season 3 Group Sets: UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo) vs. BxA|Jackal (Gargos)


Over six months have passed since their last exhibition, both Charbok and GutterMagic return to put on another heavy hitting bout.

Season 3 Group Sets: UA|Charbok (Hisako) vs. GutterMagic (Thunder/Tusk)


Amenty returns to Group Sets after a one year hiatus, bringing an impressive Eagle to the stage. He takes on Letalis’ RAAM in this FT10. This is my first time seeing this matchup; I wonder how this one goes down.

Season 3 Group Sets: MnT|Letalis (General RAAM) vs. Amenty (Eagle)


Surprise, 2018.

Guest Info:
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Killer Instinct Group Sets playlist updated.


Good to have these back! Much needed high level play during this KI drought.

@TheNinjaOstrich Let’s get on this! :grin:


Finally got around to watching that Raam/Eagle set. That was dope! :slight_smile:


@UABass, I missed this series so much! Please bring some more battles to us! Loved the set. Both are great players and I’m a fan of them. DMC’s TJ is the best I ever seen until now, he really pushes the limit of this character.


Im definitely going to have to study for this one when I have the unfortunate task of going against @FallibleJoker14 's Eagle again.


Just a head’s up. His Eagle is VERY different from mine playstyle wise IMO. Although you can pick up some setups and options that he has. Can’t wait to see what you learn from it.


I’m on it.


While a ton of new fighting games have been released, inspiring old and new players to venture out and explore different play-styles and fields, we have finally reached the 200th Group Set. Thank you again to everyone who’s watched and participated from the very beginning. For those new to Group Sets, they’re simply Community Sets, from the community, by the community. I don’t fight at all in any of these. We welcome my 4 special guests today: CrazySkateNate and Raven is Raw, who are going to do a FT10, and we have Ultra Arcade’s Charbok and DevilMayCare returning once again for some excellent duo commentary. CrazySkateNate, also known as Toneri and a plethora of other aliases, has been a legendary player since Season 1. Raven is Raw is one of the strongest players to ever touch the game. Let these two show us a high-level exhibition you don’t want to miss. Who you got? I’ll see you in the comments below. Enjoy.

Guest Info:
Follow CrazySkateNate ► http://bit.ly/2pgbPVo
Follow Raven is Raw ► http://bit.ly/2FH7pSM
Follow UA|Charbok Twitch ► http://bit.ly/2iypJSO
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Killer Instinct Group Sets playlist updated.

#200 Special Edition: Season 3 Group Sets: CrazySkateNate vs. Raven is Raw
Ft. UA|Charbok + UA|DevilMayCare FT10


Nate’s Omen is so sick. Always makes me a little sad that the one time I ran into him he played Fulgore :sob:


Thanks for everything you do bass. You’ve really inspired me these last few years.

Just saying.


The way Nate moves on screen is crazy. His ability to use pokes and standard hits is great.


Indeed. He was the very reason why I accepted that Omen is a very good character. His Jago is insane too. I would love to watch him vs Thompson in a Jago mirror.


Nate returns again, this time, against Valoraxe. Let’s see how this goes down.

Killer Instinct Group Sets playlist updated.

Season 3 Group Sets: CrazySkateNate (Jago) vs. HW|Valoraxe (Cinder/General RAAM)


Want some more God Jago? Check out Nate as he takes on Letalis in this FT10.

Season 3 Group Sets: LetalisVenator (General RAAM/Aganos) vs. CrazySkateNate (Jago)


Raven is Raw brings back Cinder to take on SoManyBANELINGS’ Aganos, formerly known as h4MmeR Tim3.

Follow Raven is Raw ► http://bit.ly/2FH7pSM

Season 3 Group Sets: Raven is Raw (Cinder/Spinal) vs. SoManyBANELINGS (Aganos/Eyedol)

Bonus Vid:

New mini-game: Eyedol Pong.
Raw Medium DPs (Warrior) and Light Lightnings (Mage).
Terrorizing/Trolling Ranked Leagues on the regular.

“Training Stage” - Street Fighter x Tekken / Capcom

Eyedol Pong


God Jago is right. ■■■■■■■.