3.9 Group Sets (Community Sets)

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MBA Banemobius returns to Group Sets with a new and improved Eyedol. Check out the original Shadow Lord take on the mystery fighter in a FT10. Enjoy!

Season 3 Group Sets: MBA Banemobius (Eyedol) vs. ??? (Cinder/Spinal)


ShadowCageH0TSH0T wakes up DP right back into a Group Set after a long hiatus. This welcome party, however, might be a ruff one.

Season 3 Group Sets: TDB|H0TSH0T (Cinder) vs. ??? (Sabrewulf)


A new challenger approaches with all of the talk, but can we walk the walk? DevilMayCare enters this FT10 to see if this guy can put up or shut up. What are your predictions? I’ll see you guys in the comment section.

Season 3 Group Sets: UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo) vs. HURT M3 PL3NTY1 (Doesn’t Matter)


There has to be a story behind that last one? He just looks like a new player to me.


From what I read, he was trash talking Devil the entire time, so Devil asked him to run the set. After hours of beating around the bush, making us wait, and STILL more talking, he finally shows up, only to…well, you know, then proceeds to CONTINUE to tell Devil that he’s trash at everything he does. :slight_smile:


Ah ok. My guess is before you run your mouth you should learn to not use light auto-doubles in your counter break combos and figure out what your character’s invincible reversals are, but hey what do I know about this game.


Welp. No surprise here.

Season 3 Group Sets Quickie: UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo) vs. NWO Nega Scott (Hisako) FT5 Grudge Match


What a great set! That first match was crazy! I thought Devil was done for, but that he pulls off an epic comeback!

As I’m currently learning Sako, seeing Nega Scott play is a huge help. :smiley:


Now that ??? has been revealed, Raven is Raw returns, along with Charbok, and they go at it in this FT10.

Season 3 Group Sets: UA|Charbok (Gargos) vs. Raven is Raw (Sabrewulf)


Hm, another boss battle? Check out the original rage monsters go at it in a FT10. Which final boss gave you the bigger headache?

Season 3 Group Sets: Delta Rayquaza (Eyedol) vs. HW|SlenderCashew (Gargos)



Wanna play Group Sets with me? :slight_smile:



I can’t today, but we can arrange it for another time!


Bonus Vid:

Whoa, KI is on Steam now? Well, looks like more body bags and more players to be found! No worries though, I got you. Let’s tackle the Dojo Mode (in 2017) and see the rules and regulations and learn how to play Killer Instinct. Be sure to stay tuned for updates and check out Infil’s guide (link down below)!

The KI Bible:
Infil’s Guide ► http://ki.infil.net/

Matchups Explained: Dojo Mode (Killer Instinct: Season 3)


The Twitter call out results in a FT10 runback. Who will take it this time?

Season 3 Group Sets: Raven is Raw (Spinal) vs. JagoBlake (Jago)


This, surprisingly, is the first time these two meet on Group Sets. Get ready for a heavily offensive bout. Who takes this one though?

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Season 3 Group Sets: Circa|Aphex (Rash) vs. UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo)


Following last night’s explosive set, CrazySkateNate and Ultra Arcade’s DevilMayCare go at it in a very intense FT10. Get your sidebets ready.

Season 3 Group Sets: CrazySkateNate (Jago) vs. UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo)


E-X-ports, it’s in the game. Here’s another export featuring two returning players with some matchups you generally don’t see nowadays.

Season 3 Group Sets: h4MmeR Tim3 (Eyedol/Aganos) vs. STREET NS (Tusk/General RAAM)


My gawd, my favorite characters all throwing down at once. It’s beautiful


Secret video no more! Due to popular demand and feedback, this video is now available to the public. I wasn’t planning on making this, but this is my input on a player after playing a FT10. I won this heavily in my favor, and decided to share some thoughts. I’m just glad that people are willing to learn. Please share if this video helped and inspired you!

Closing Thoughts: Thanksgiving and Player Analysis (Killer Instinct: Season 3)

Killer Instinct: Killer Classic

After feeling inspired, Jason returns and challenges DevilMayCare in hopes to continue his growth as a player.

Season 3 Group Sets: UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo) vs. HW|FREEKY JASON (Kan-Ra)