3.9 Group Sets (Community Sets)

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Jago, Kilgore, Hisako, Glacius, Fulgore, Spinal and Sabrewulf?! Man, it is a treat watching Cupcake play. Watch the lab monster appear from the shadows and take on EctopicILLusion’s duo!

Season 3 Group Sets: EctopicILLusion (Cinder/Shadow Jago) vs. NS|Cupcake (Various)


That Yellow Roman Cancel that Cupcake set up at 22:30 was pretty sick. I gotta utilize that more.


Anyone up for some sparring tonight? Approx 8 hours from now


Am I seeing this right? KALYPSO vs. Nicky? There’s always a first time for everything here on Group Sets. Check out these two while the combo and counter breakers fly everywhere. Enjoy!

Season 3 Group Sets: UA|KALYPSO (Maya/Sadira) vs. Circa|Nicky (Mira)


Fulgore got nerfed? Let’s see him in action as Circa|Nicky returns and takes on Ultra Arcade’s DevilMayCare in this crazy FT10.

Season 3 Group Sets: UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo) vs. Circa|Nicky (Fulgore/Mira)


Did you just recently take some nerf bats to the face? Well, let’s just say both Thunder and Jago don’t suck, at all. Don’t believe me? Check out this FT10 between Hologram and CoopStar and see for yourself.

Season 3 Group Sets: HW|XxHoLoGrAmXx (Thunder) vs. TG|CoopStar (Jago)


Don’t you enjoy set requests? I sure do. D3ADLYKANSAS and JagoBlake approached me a few days ago to see if we could make this happen. This should be an interesting one! Who’s gonna take it?

Season 3 Group Sets: D3ADLYKANSAS (Fulgore/Tusk) vs. JagoBlake (Jago)


Raven is Raw returns to Group Sets, this time playing two characters you probably didn’t even know he played. He takes on Illusion’s up and coming Shadow Jago in a FT10.

Season 3 Group Sets: Raven is Raw (Cinder/Sabrewulf) vs. EctopicILLusion (Shadow Jago)


I hope you guys are enjoying Evo 2017, either participating or spectating. Here’s some KI action for you fiends out there. Both D3ADLYKANSAS and Aphex return and fight each other for the first time here on Group Sets.

Season 3 Group Sets: D3ADLYKANSAS (Fulgore/Tusk) vs. Circa|Aphex (Rash)


I had no idea Casper was in this game. Visual bugs aside, let’s welcome back SlenderCashew as he returns with some new characters on deck as he takes on Letalis’ arsenal of characters.

Season 3 Group Sets: HW|SlenderCashew (Shadow Jago/Omen) vs. MnT|Letalis (Rash/Riptor/General RAAM)


Wao, the real Bastfree returns. I guess I’m going to totally use my high-level Sabrewulf since he’s totally playing me in this totally new Group Sets.

Season 3 Group Sets: Bastfree (Kim Wu) vs. ??? (Sabrewulf)


A wild Grief appears! Check out this hype set between one of the greatest vs. …totally me! Enjoy.

Killer Instinct Group Sets playlist updated.

Season 3 Group Sets: Grief (Thunder/Sabrewulf/Eagle/Sadira) vs. ??? (Cinder/Sabrewulf)


Whoa, it’s me again. Looks like I’m totally going to keep using my OP Sabrewulf since I’m totally playing this character all of a sudden. Watch as I totally have a FT10 with Valoraxe.

Killer Instinct Group Sets playlist updated.

Season 3 Group Sets: HW|Valoraxe (Cinder/General RAAM) vs. ??? (Sabrewulf)


EctopicILLusion returns to never anti air this mysterious fighter in a FT10! Who is this guy?! Enjoy everyone.

Season 3 Group Sets: ??? (Sabrewulf) vs. EctopicILLusion (Cinder)


MonopsIron watched all of the sets on this channel and was interested in taking on the mysterious Wulf player. Check them out in the mirror, FT10 as always.

Season 3 Group Sets: ??? (Sabrewulf) vs. MonopsIron (Sabrewulf)


WOW… that Wulf is mysterious!


Bastfree brings back a blast from the past with his Orchid and takes on Ultra Arcade’s DevilMayCare in a FT10.

Season 3 Group Sets: Bastfree (Orchid) vs. UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo)


That Wulf mirror between the uhhh “mysterious” Wulf player who I totally know who it is and Mono was really good, one of the best sets you’ve posted to your channel. Liked it a lot, all really close games and the score could easily have been reversed.


I agree, however I faced Mono last night, and he was certainly channeling Bass’ Spinal. It was brutal. It was a great set though. Mono is a fantastic Sabre and he is one of the reasons I started picking up Sabrewulf again after almost 3 years of Sabre hiatus.


Here’s a bonus video:

Last night during stream time, we had a little trouble maker in chat. A tryhard who made an account that same day, just to curse at people, say bad things, and do all of that nonsense. So, I banned him. What you guys see next is what happens when you try to slide in my DMs and troll me afterwards. You don’t want to troll the master of trolls. Due to popular request, here’s the entire scenario. Enjoy.

Do Not Troll Papi Bass