3.9 Group Sets (Community Sets)

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Also, I don’t feel so bad now seeing that Nate struggles against Aganos too, Letalis or not… Just a hard match up for Jago.


Newcomer Element joins Group Sets and takes on Letalis’ army in a FT10.

Season 3 Group Sets: ElementPNW (Hisako) vs. LetalisVenator (Aganos/General RAAM/Omen)


I watched this live…I was surprised he turned it around in the end.


What year are we in? Illusion vs. ZergKiller in 2018? Let’s see what these two have to offer today.

Season 3 Group Sets: EctopicILLusion (Shadow Jago/Cinder) vs. ZergKiller (Aganos)


Nate and Devil return for a rematch, however, Nate joins the dark side this time around. Will his Shadow Jago be enough?

Season 3 Group Sets: CrazySkateNate (Shadow Jago) vs. UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo)


I wish Nate would play some Omen more often…he has finally been in a ton of videos latley and none of them spotlight Omen. Even on his Twitch channel…notta
Owell better than nothing I guess.


Did he give up on him or is he saving him?


I think he just enjoys playing other characters. Omen is a “do whatever the heck I feel like” character, which can get pretty boring after a while. I think he just enjoys the challenge of actually having to care what the opponent’s options are.


Both Cupcake and Kalypso come back from the dead to show off a variety of matchups in this FT10. Both have majors under their belts. Let’s see how two champions play.

Season 3 Group Sets: Perfect Cupcake (Various) vs. UA|KALYPSO (Sadira/Shadow Jago/Kilgore)


Devil calls out Doeboi in chat to see if he was up for a FT10. He accepts and well, here you go.

Season 3 Group Sets: UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo) vs. DoeboiV (Orchid/Riptor/TJ Combo)


CursingK1337ex makes a come back to Group Sets to take on the best Omen player, Nate.

Season 3 Group Sets: CursingK1337ex (Shadow Jago/Hisako/Orchid) vs. CrazySkateNate (Omen)


Finally some Omen matches!


Hm, another special guest invades my house for the weekend. Wheels, protect me please, thanks.

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Season 3 Group Sets: UA|Wheels (Orchid) vs. ??? (Kan-Ra)


Thank you again for posting these. I try to watch them all. The players are a tribute to the game at its highest level. I get so tense watching them that I have to take breaks.


ThrashHeavy has been putting in some work with Eagle for some time now. How does the Kan-Ra/Eagle matchup look like? Find out.

Season 3 Group Sets: ??? (Kan-Ra) vs. ThrashHeavy (Eagle)


Can you set up Nates Omen vs the best Sadira? Id really like to see that match up so i can learn what to do against her.


Now here’s a matchup you don’t see every day. Check out some high-level TJ vs. RAAM.

Season 3 Group Sets: UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo) vs. LetalisVenator (General RAAM)


Oh? A mysterious guest decided to stop by for the week. This person plays KI apparently, so I guess I’ll take a seat and see what’s up. Who is it this time?

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Season 3 Group Sets: VividFawn478063 (Tusk/Glacius/Orchid) vs. ??? (Riptor)


Hm, interesting. This person also knows how to play Kim Wu? Let’s see what he can do against this Thunder player.

Season 3 Group Sets: ToD Caveman (Thunder) vs. ??? (Kim Wu)


If the same person is in the Riptor/Tusk set, something makes me wanna think this is Moxy or Paul. Nice sets, regardless of whose behind the controls.