3.8 Patch Notes


I’m curious what they did with sabrewulfs, I feel like his would be more difficult to come up with lol


I hope Wulf’s Ult. isn’t something super hokey like in KI Classic.


I knew you’d be ecstatic when I saw those Gargos nerfs.

We’ll have to run a set soon to see the change in our matchup :wink:


Have a like for calling your mom.

I’m surprised to see Jago merged again. What are we fixing with his c.mk? I’m just curious. I assume this doesn’t impact his special cancel frame traps so I don’t know what this does.

Fulgore also didn’t seem to need this.

Thunders changes make sense to me.

Otherwise it doesn’t seem like much that will impact low to intermediate players.


Irony Galaxy is continuing their tradition of nerfing characters until they aren’t fun anymore.

Nothing new to see here.


Cool. No one asked.


That’s it? That’s your thought?


Haven’t you been complaining about all the stuff Gargos and Fulgore get away with for quite a while now? Well they’re toning it down now for us to see where it leads. Guess some people just can’t be pleased.


As someone who is usually on the other side wrt to PaulB’s input, maybe the responses I give here should carry some weight.

Actually, our community manager Rukari did, in the article to which this thread is attached.

I’m not sure what else you expect? It’s less inflammatory than PaulB comments of old, you probably ought to grant it that.

But of late IG has been taking a very nerf-heavy approach to adjusting the cast, seemingly with the goal of achieving a balance at a specific point in the combat design space – one they (hopefully) see in its totality and find compelling and hope players will appreciate when it gets there, sure – but one where players’ mains just don’t do the things that those players signed up for, nor anything those players find as interesting or fun as what they lost in the transition. You could make the case that it’s happening to Jago, Fulgore, Thunder, et al. at the moment, and that it happened to characters like Wulf, Sadira, and Kan-Ra around the start of Season 3, and you’d probably have grounds to call that a trend.


Man, that’s just cold.


Everyone’s changes seemed okay to me, I wasn’t too worried about anyone to be honest.

Bloody hell, those Gargos changes did surprise me tho


Me too. I already thought they had nerfed Gargos into the ground, but I guess he still had some spark of hope left in him that needed to be crushed.
Kidding, of course…:joy:…kinda… :worried:


Jago’s frame changes still don’t sit right with me. His crouching medium was great for pressure. I understand that he’s +2 during instinct, but his instinct is usually used during a combo for health gain. His instinct shouldn’t compensate against negative normals as much as it should make them more threatening. Again, nothing major as much as a minor nuscience for Jago mains considering the steady nerfs (with fair warrant) since season 3.

Don’t mean to sound like I’m whining about the changes as they truly aren’t dramatic by any means, just seems like Jago was already in a fair place with his major adjustments to Windkick.

Overall, some interesting adjustments that will definitely change the metagame for some matchups and characters. As crazy as it sounds, this type of change makes me happy because the game gets a completely fresh feeling. Love it, despite my sly bickering for my main.

On a final note… my god, that Aganos Ultimate!


They literally did a bowling ball reference.


Raam can now punish cr.mk. oh my lol.


…yup. Save for a few.


Let’s find out, shall we? :joy:

So, it’s cool to have a release time frame for Omen’s new colors and for Ultimate Pack 3. Aganos has a really cool Ultimate.
Lot of Nerfs this patch. Jago, Thunder, Fulgore, Tusk, Rash, Gargos, Gargos, and Shinsako all got changes. Most of them either not significant or pretty reasonable. I’ll always cry about Tusk nerfs bit meh.
RAAM and Arbiter getting some TLC is nice
Plenty of very well needed bug fixes. Kan-Ra mains will have a much nicer time especially

All in all, pretty impressed. Though I wish the @developers would drop a breakdown of Eagle’s gameplay before his release.



Thank you for adjusting Thunder. It was very annoying being unable to anti-air his Sammamish followups with normal attacks.


The more I think about it, the more it hurts because of Raam. That is just one character, granted, but still.