3.7 possible tier list?

Hi guys, so while it’s only my first post on this amazing forum with a very constructive community, being 31 years old I started with SF2 back in 91 (so long ago…).
Nevertheless, I purchased KI on the windows store for 23 bucks during a sale around two weeks ago.

After having managed to beat a couple of Killer Ranks and being placed at the master league (top gold), I tried to learn every character through the incredible lab / ki.infil website, watched tons of 3.7 version matches (thanks to the amazing XxiBassixX YouTube channel).
Simply put, I got so much addicted to the game that I played it 10-16 hours a day for the last two weeks.

Enough talking about me, Here’s what I think the tier list could look like:

A+ Top Tier:
Fulgore (no need for shadow moves when you are so dominant at close/ zoning range with pip cancelling, which are unmatched by any other character)
Glacius (Terrific damage on all buttons, Ice Lance is now unpunishable at -4, top tier zoner, surprisingly strong close range, his difficult match-up with midrange monsters like Jago and his shadow wind kick - mid wind kick got nerfed to oblivion)
Thunder (damage/ close range mix-up and tick throw monster, his instinct allowing for so many cancel is one of the best in the game)
ARIA (World champion babe!)

A High Tier
Spinal (the more skull you have the scarier Spinal mix-up is, not as high as top tier because extremely weak when defending)
Gargos (the minions and zoning are extremely tough to contest)

B+ Above Average Tier
Tusk (damage, good normals)
Cinder (air, rushdown)
Rash (hitbox, rushdown)

B Average Tier
Rest of the cast

C Below Average Tier
Kim Wu (no range moves, hopeless at far/mid range, shutdown by zoner)
Arbiter (low damage, no stellar mix-up, unspectacular zoner)
Sadira (contested air by orchid, horrible on ground, low damage, average normals).

This is my personal opinion about the 3.7 patch, also realize the game is the most balanced fighting game ever and a top tier doesn’t dominate.

Am I wrong? Discuss!

can’t agree with arbiter in below average. that character is secretly godlike. Rash is probably higher up too. ARIA is definitely higher up. Tusk probably too but maybe i just suck against that character lol. i think the rest of this is chill tho.

About Aria, would you say it’s a top 5 character? could be high tier?

Aria is the only character that could be considered above fulgore.

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Kim wu is also easily top 10. Neither spinal or gargos are that strong.


Bass and Rico Suave are doing results with these characters, but you still think they are not that good?
I haven’t seen a Kim Wu do something at majors, maybe I’m wrong.

Ok I’ll put Aria into top tier then!

That’s because bass and Rico are both amazing players. Rico was successful in other fighters before ki. But both will tell you neither are that strong. Ive played the gargos mu with Rico well over a hundred times now. The character isn’t that good. Especially not now. By that logic Sadira is powerful since grief and daymien place with her well.


Tournament results aren’t the only thing that factors in. Omen is widely considered one of the strongest characters in the game. Yet he’s not seen in tournaments often.


Tournaments results are very important: best characters - even in such a balanced game - tend to win more than others. A godlike character on paper can be much less of a threat on practice (Mira!)

I think ARIA and Jago place above thunder and glacius. Although i think glacius got stronger. I think its only consequential against characters that aren’t great at approaching him. Like. Before 3.7 i would still putt 5-5 for sadira/glacius but now i think it’s 5.5-4.5 in glays favor.

Gargos is not an overall strong character
Viable? Yes. But his defense is non existent.

Mira is also considered top 5. And Nicky has been proving why. Rico is just that good of a player. Dude would place with weaker characters and win brutal match ups in games like sfiv. Literally no one has been able to do what he did with gargos. If you look at the world cup anyone who tried to use him got messed up that wasn’t Rico


Mira is considered top 5, yet she has never won any big tournaments, I’m curious to know what make you think so?

3.7 jago i’m talking about (current patch!), not 3.6 Jago.

I know. I still think 3.7 jago is better equipped than glacius and thunder.


Her toolset is ludicrously powerful. And once again. Tournament results aren’t all that matter. Look at sfv. How many ppl have balrog in top 3?yet he hasn’t really won anything that big yet. Mira’s ridiculous damage great zoning pressure and mix up game along with only a couple of really hard fights are why she’s considers top 5. You should get a little more time with the game 1st and you’ll see why tournament results don’t matter as much. This is a game where very few characters haven’t won something throughout its lifespan and the top 8’s feature a wide array of characters.


Just to put it into perspective. The last 3 tournaments where ki was featured were won by kan ra. Aria and Sabrewulf. This isn’t like other games. It’s uncommon to see multiple of the same character in top 8 due to the game’s balance. So in ki a characters toolset is taken more into account than tournament results.

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Yeah the balance is the best in any fg ever, I said that. That’s why it’s so hard to tier characters (the worst match-up is what, 6-4 in this game?) due to the game design: everybody can do 40% damage combo but can also break the combo quickly.

Yes. And as a result of that the best players play who they like. All of my top 8s have been a result of aganos and as of the world cup General Raam. Bass would say before he left the game he used spinal and cinder because he liked them. Despite having a solid jago and Mira whom he considerd better characters. Rico used gargos simply because he loved the character.

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There are 7-3s in KI for sure. People just … don’t want to admit it for some reason, because they think it makes the game appear worse? 7-3s are a reality of every fighting game though.

I think Aria and Mira are undoubtedly top 5 characters. The downplay around Mira has been super strong since she was released but she’s always been amazing, and now that people are starting to even slightly find juice with her, it’s showing. But she was always this same character.

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What are 7-3 match ups in KI in your opinion?

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