3.7 nerfs?

So for a while now I’ve been reading some posts here and there about jago being nerfed in the 3.7 patch? Does anyone have any info on what that’s all about?

no clue, have not seen patch notes


When can we expect the patch notes? I recall a tweet from rukizzel that they should go up sometime today and haven’t seen it.

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The tweet does say “hopefully” so there may have been a hold up or he might just be waiting until he is situated in Texas


OK that makes sense

I’m not gonna lie I read the topic and really thought the patchnotes were at least partially released. I am sad now, lol, jk.

I’d be happy if instead of nerfing the top 10 characters that you fight online 90% of the time, they buffed the other 20 guys


I think since last week some people on twitter were talking about jago definitely being nerfed in the 3.7 update. Could be just rumors but I hope he doesn’t get too nerfed lol.

I need Spinal, Hisako, and Cinder buffs. Doesn’t matter really how. For literally zero other reason than it will make my friend I play against saltier. Oh and nerf Aganos’s falling rocks shadow move… again just for the salt, lol.

You are currently my new best friend…for the time being.


IIRC, Keits tweeted that Jago was getting in too easily so there’s that.

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How do you even hit Cinder? that guy is just damn near invincible, i probably could power a salt reactor every time i fight him

I can safely assure you that cinder is NOT invincible. Much of his arsenal has low priority

I take it you have a hard time with him. Trust me, you can. Trailblazer is a low priority move, super unsafe at point blank (usually), and negative on block. Inferno on hit or block is negative, and you can not combo after it without meter. Fission is about the only safe on block special for block string pressure, and fireflash is highly negative on block as all invincible reversals are, even with the flame pillar follow up. You just gotta know how to get in with the right moves, which is a part of knowing your character.[quote=“DiagonalSpy07, post:11, topic:19414, full:true”]
IIRC, Keits tweeted that Jago was getting in too easily so there’s that.

Heavy wind kick is now -100 on block. Is that what you’re saying?

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Lol. I am STILL getting spanked in the Cinder vs Aganos when I play my friend despite all of your great advice. It is just his playstyle being so different with Aganos that really gets me. If I play Spinal or Hisako I wreck him but I really really struggle with Cinder no matter what in that and the Glacius matchup with his long range keep away jump kicks of cheapness, lol. Cinder could use a few buffs imo but the others are just because I’m a sadistic jerkface who wants to taste the salt of an even more deadly Spinal and Hisako than I already have. And let me tell you the salt when I play those two is real. On the contrary, my Cinder is so bad despite my wanting so badly to “git gud” with him that it’s like payback time for my friend and I am salty instead, lol. I’m starting to truly hate the Shadow Falling Rocks move Aganos has, lol.

He takes some adjustment. I played Thunder before I picked up Cinder. I can honestly say I like playing both, but Cinder took a lot more work than Thunder to try and get going. Learning a new character will always come with some hard matchups. If you want to learn it bad enough though, you’ll eventually overcome.

However, if you have match footage of you versus your friend, that would help me figure out some counter plays significantly. If I can see how you fight, it could give me a clue as to where you are falling short, because it sounds like there are some nuances you don’t know that are honestly hard for me to spot just by a worded description, however well written.

If you ever get match footage, send it my way, and I’ll do my best to help you. If you don’t wanna put it up publicly, you can even PM it to me.

As for a cinder buff, just give me some extra range on cr. lk and cr. mk and I’d say I’d be happy, because there are things the majority of the cast can punish because they have light normals with decent reach that Cinder’s attack boxes are short changed a little, meaning he can’t punish them, even on block.


Who do you play as that you struggle against Cinder. He seems really great on paper and against the lower diff AI he is but play against people, Shadows, or higher diff AI as Cinder and suddenly you realize the one critical flaw he has. Him being the most mobile character in the game is actually a lie to lull you in to cockiness and false delusions of grandeur. You are SO unsafe during Trailblazer that almost anybody (even slow ass Aganos) can just freely flick you away like a mosquito if you do finally get close. Lol.

I never try to contest the advancing Trailblazer, only when he briefly stops before going again, but most of the time they run away or follow with a grab or kick mid air that stuffs my punches

All I need are Hisako Gargos Saberwulf and Maya buffs just nerf TJ combo and Jago then I would be happy.

Lol how would one even buff Hisako any more without making her broken? Same for Spinal beyond giving him meter poisoning skulls instead of draining or what they are now. I only included them for the absurdist salt factor.