3.5 Patch Notes - Shadow Lords


I must say, Eyedol, albeit angry, is a cunning and intelligent being.

Also, @FengShuiEnergy:

The shadows are corrupted and set free by a mimic Aria, who had a masterpiece plan to use them against the alliance in Gargos favor. And she somehow success.

One could say that only one mimic of Aria was smart enough to fool the aliance…

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I’m not liking where this is going right now…


@developers I am a couple of days behind but I just read about the updates and had to give my 2 cents. I love the character artifacts. I think that is the single best thing to ever happen in a video game ever. I don’t know how many times in a game that according to the story a character was special somehow yet the game itself didn’t reflect it, like how Tusk is immortal but has to be resurrected if beaten, not anymore! It’s the little things that elevate this game to the top of my favorites list. For a fighting game to adhere to its characters back stories and reflect it in the gameplay like that is simple and genius. Bravo Zulu to whoever did that and put them in for a raise, they’re my hero! Lol

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I feel your pain. I remember doing my mimmic runs. I would group them by who need to beat Gargos, and how many times. Unlocking these shadow skins is really going to suck. Considering there are only so many 1000 point shadows, and they can only be fought once in 24 hours.


i would love it if they made more. it doesnt have to be reaally impactful buffs that may break SL but cool thematic ones like sadir auseing spider poison poison on her ender giving her a special passive poison buff that doesnt need a gaurdian to proc. maybe on her kunai knifes or enders.

or spinals sheild bash moves have a point of armor on it with his artifact/gaurdian being the living sheild

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This patch does not work on my xbox. When I launch a mission, the game stops itself and I don’t know what to do.


Thats one of the reasons id love to see backstory costumes not to be confused with retro, actal imagined costumes from the characters origins


Please help!!! How to unlock The Umbral Militia III??? Is a buged dossier???


You must do the mission with Ultratech’s agent (ARIa, Cinder, Fulgore or Sadira). Attack the base and it will say that it was a trap so you’ll fight 2 mimics and return to the Pinnacle to fight a fake ARIA. That’s all I remember from this mission.