3.5 Patch Notes - Shadow Lords




My RB button keeps breaking from normal use. It’s quite annoying really.


I would like to thank the devs for this patch. I feel like i could play shadow lords forever, never saw such a thing on a fight game before.

Thank you for all these amazing contents.


Is it the bug fixed


Lucky you. I think the patch broke KI, since I can’t play SL at all, along with numerous others.


Shadow lords Spoilers ahead:

After finishing Eyedol’s quest and getting his ending, I belive that Eyedol’s ending it’s the canonical one.

Kan-Ra asks for astral materials to build a weapon against Gargos

Eventually, he starts to build Eyedol with other members of the alliance(this is the weapon!)

Eyedol gets resurrected, and he is free.

The alliance stops him and he gets recruited.

Eyedol stops Gargos, and he mantains a powerless Gargos at bay, punishing him for the eternity

Eventually, something would happen, Gargos escapes/A new enemy comes, and here we go S4!



Eyedol is still locked in shadow lords for me. Do you have to unlock him by playing shadow lords and doing something in particular ?


Yes, you have to complete one new quest chain.

Look for Kan-Ra’s request


RIP boss rush runs. :cry:


Uh Ohh…

You mean I can’t farm Gargos wins as easily now? Ummm… I don’t think I like that…


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There are other ways, I don’t think the turn skip limit is that bad, you could use deploy on a mission (or if you don’t mind to use resurrection items in case the character failure in question is NOT Tusk, you can enter a fight and intentionaly lose the match, you can also forefit the mission, or just win one mission and skip the turn), as long as you do one mission you can skip a turn without doing nothing.


Yeah, I just started checking out the skipping…it’s not too bad, but still, it’s just another thing to make grinding more time consuming.

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That’s true, that no restriction to turn skip allowed me to get almost all mimic skins, but since I have like 6 characters remaining for that (Eyedol is included on the list) I don’t mind too much, but I understand the feelings.


Haven’t done that at all yet. Not sure what actually happens…

Yeah, I’m just being difficult. I remember them saying some time ago that it was never intentional to be able to skip so many turns in a row, so this change was expected. It is going to cost some items, time, or whatever to be able to get up to Gargos now. Before I could farm Gargos wins in 15 mins or so, now it’ll take 20 to 25 mins. Not a huge deal, but a decent sized one.

I’ve got 11 more Mimic skins to get, so that is a lot of Gargos farming that I still have to do.


If you forefit the mission… is the same as losing the match in Shadow Lords (aka… the selected character(s) to fight die(s) and you fail the mission, I’m not sure if Tusk’s permanent relic is in effect when doing forefit, but at least when fighting, Tusk cannot die unless his opponent is Gargos, leading to a easy way to increase corruption without risking too much of your items) and this will increase corruption as well.


So it is just like failing the mission and dying. OK.

And it probably won’t kill Tusk with his passive and all (he is on my current team so this might be a viable option). Just Deploy with him with the intent of loosing, it will raise corruption (as planned) and then I won’t have to worry about healing him as if you skip turns he can heal himself. Of course this will only work with him being on the team, but it will help with the current set of runs that I’m doing.

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What? So the alliance recruits eyedol? That makes no sense.


of course it does. eyedol only has 2 options. help kill gargos or die to every one in the allience attacking him at once killing him/weakining him so that gargos kills him again when he comes to earth. at the very least eyedols smart head would realize that. while the angry head probably still angry at gargos for killing him

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Not really.

If Eyedol hates Gargos more than he hates the Alliance, then there may be a reason Eyedol wouldn’t just kill them all.

Also, the Alliance has the help of all those Guardians on their side, so the collective might of Alliance is surely a match for Eyedol, even Gargos himself, not to mention his forces.


I don’t like it. Or maybe it’s all a ploy for something…hmmmmmmm…