3.5 Patch Notes - Combat Balance


@TheKeits Is the PD update going to be in 3.6, or was there not enough talks about it in the community to go through with it?


Why do you think it’s spyware? I’ve never had any issues with it… Besides, in this day and age, if you’re online, you’re already too far gone (your info is out there - companies probably know more about you than you do). PM me, since this is off-topic. :wink:


Nice Update but I’ve experience one major problem, none of the bundles in the store are purchasable so I cannot buy the supreme edition. Anyone else have this problem?


After 3.5 my 360fightpad drivers still don’t work. Guess I have to use Joy2Key if I want to play KI.


Play on the Xbox One then. BTW, the IT industry doesn’t share your opinion on Win 10. Yes, it’s just you.


So, are you guys sure you fixed the reverse input bug? I swear I still dash in the wrong direction after enders.


I think there are edge cases here and there. I’m still getting them but only when rounds end so didn’t bother to report. For example, when playing as Maya and ending a round with exchange ender, i’ll input a forward dash but get a backdash instead. Same with Hisako’s Influence, ender or raw.


Yep it’s still there. It did it the other day when I tried to dash with shago.


You should really branch out who you talk to about this kind of stuff. The spyware accusations are exaggerated, but opinions of win10 are generally not positive.


Who should I talk to? I’m in the tech business already.