3.4 Patch Notes


There are personal missions which doesn’t give you anything particular like special items or cinematics. Sadira, Aganos,Glacius, Omen… some examples.

Just lore missions (which is not bad at all)


What’s the mission entail? Aka, why is Sadira fighting 3 ARIA’s?


Basically Sadira destroying some Aria bodys as revenge for her sending Cinder to take care of her. So she starts destroying her bodies (9 in total) until Aria hires her again xD


I love it how ARIA just doesn’t give a ■■■■. She’s like “ok…I get your complaints. Now back to work.” The amount of ■■■■■ given? Zero. Sadira’s all "BAH! If only cyberdyne paid half as well…

ARIA the best badass. <3

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