3.4 Eyedol

His run works deceptively well in his favor creating a really huge reach for his regular throw

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Oh snap. My bad - I usually correlate “grab” with “command grab”, and LP+LK with “throw”. His throw does seem pretty good on all fronts: reach, damage, positioning. I like it. It’s probably rough on characters with shorter throw range or buttons though. I wouldn’t say that it’s TOO good, but I definitely won’t try to downplay it! It’s pretty boss (teh punz yo!).


If he grabbed you out of your DP, it basically means you missed the reversal window on your DP (i.e. it never came out at all). Jago’s DP isn’t throwable at any point on startup.


I know dude, just like Spinals and Rash, but I am specifically talking about his regular throw with regular movement.

I know, I mention that.

Or I could just say he broke the game worse than @KevBones10 did with Arbiter.

Edit: Like I said, I need to go to the lab to elaborate more, right now I’m just basing this on one occurrence after the 3.4 patch, which isn’t much to go on.

Easy way to do it is if you have the replay, just go to the match and find the moment in question. If you got a “Reversal” notification and then got chucked, then you’ve just found yourself a bug. If there’s no reversal notification, then you just mistimed your DP.

Just want to clear this up. The DP thing happened before 3.4. Currently, I am saying it feels unnatural not so much that it is a bug. I can’t reply, lab or anything because I am currently not home.

How he’s broke than Arbiter?

Just being silly dude

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I’m upset about his throw damage nerf, as I think it’s too much. I think it should be somewhere in between what it is now and what it was, like half-way or something.

…and I think the same should apply to his mage jump MP and mage jump HP as well, since it was nerfed into almost not moving him at all.

His DP is fine frame-wise, but I also don’t like the animation of it - they’ve completely changed the context of the move from being an anti-ground AND anti-air to just an anti-air (and frankly, I think it should ONLY be anti-ground).

I absolutely hate that I can no longer cancel his mage b.MP into a teleport, as that was my go-to strategy in mage stance. It didn’t even do any real damage or give him good placement to start combos, as it pushed his opponents away from him (and not far enough away to really zone either), IMO. I just liked to use it to annoy my opponent and get pips - now that’s even harder because I now have to rely on slower more punishable means to do so.

I finally beat gargos now that the update is out. I thought the shadow lord item was interesting. But I still cant pick eyedol. How do I unlock him?
I’ve also noticed something strange. When I move my cursed over tusk I can see the pad lock on Kim Wu but she is still selectable, and when I put my curser on Kim I can see the pad lock on tusk but he is still selectable too. Is it supposed to do that? It seems like a bug to me.

I hate the new jumping HP animation. I’m fine with the functionality, though it feels incredibly inconsistent when it wants to hit… but the new animation looks like butt. A little puny sideways swing does not fit with a huge leaping ground bounce attack. Its just bad, they should have just adjusted the old animation like they did with Shago’s pizza cutter to balance it instead of completely axing the downward swing that was not only effective it was fun to look at.

I hadn’t tried him since vanilla, got him to 50 and went on to leveling over characters so I’ve got to say I’m a little disappointed with some of the changes. I totally agree he had to be nerfed a bit but changing core functionality of some features isn’t appreciated when they could have easily toned them down instead.


Thats what pisses me off about this game. Devs make a character op, then they mess him up too much while nerfing.Thy could have just toned it down like shago jump hp. I do believe Eyedol is the new worst character in the game if u play him seriously u will see this. Plus this patch makes his swithes more annoying during games


If you actually think eyedol is the worst character in the game with his options and his instinct you are high as a ■■■■■■■ kite


Eyedol’s instinct is one of the best(if not the best).
Warrior stance is one of the best rushdown characters
Mage stance it’s a great zoner, one of the best too.

The nerf to j.HP it’s a big one, but the move is still great, and considering his excellent grounded tools, he is OK.

He is less braindead, more fair. I like it, and overall I like the changes and how strong he is ATM, which is very strong


I said this for many reasons, his jump hp is not good at all, He is now punishable on mostly everthing, His damage is quite low, warrior mode has slow and short range normals, mage is not reliable because it will easily switch back to warrior and vice versa making it frustrating, this patch made thr switching a bit annoying, u barely use a move, it switches again. He loses footsie with most characters, his move no longer have priority, They nerfed him too much.

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So…none of this is actually true :confused:

Eyedol shouldn’t be getting punished on much - his specials aren’t particularly negative, and the normals you should be using to cancel into them are largely either plus on block or have so much range that they’re functionally unpunishable. His damage is pretty average in general and pretty good in instinct, etc.

And if you can’t play footsies with Eyedol (fast walk speed, dash/run, crazy range and fast buttons), then I’m afraid you just flat out can’t play footsies… :neutral_face:


Warrior mode has slow and short normals???

Now I have literally heard everything.


Warrior MP it’s basically almost fast as a light, has great range and its safe.
F+hp covers great space and has fast start up
Overhead it’s fast with brutal range, hard to punish at certain ranges
Hk and c.mk c.hk have all great range

How’ s that bad normals?

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Guys you guys are giving facts, i play him decently, dont get me wrong, but I do think most praises for Eyedol are done for what is on paper.
In runtime imo, he is not that great at least compared to other footsie and zoning characters.
I think eyedol is more like pre sfv bison who was called top tier and now bottom. Thats just me