3.4 Eyedol

So with the new changes finally out and in effect, what do you guys think of Eyedol now?

Still too strong?

Not strong enough?

Just right?

Let’s talk about him :slight_smile:

I haven’t had much time against him, but I can say that his grab is still ridiculous and grabs moves that shouldn’t normally be grabbed. It feel somewhat unnatural.

Yeah I love his grab, especially in Warrior stance :smiling_imp: but Mage is nice to because it puts that distance between you to start your zoning.

I really don’t know what I think about him compared to his pre-3.4 self since I am really not good enough to notice all the differences. I can definitely tell his back mp in Mage was slowed and that the j hp has been changed but it’s still pretty good IMO.

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His throw has range, but the damage nerf really hurts.

About his nerfs:
-The space travelled by Mage j.hp it’s the one who most changes my gameplay. I used it quite often.
-Warrior j.hp has been really nerfed. At this point is useful in air to air situations, but not so much against grounded opponents
-I understand the nerf to mage back mp, but maybe it’s too much. Not cancellable? Ok. Longer startup? Maybe not being cancellable was enough. To soon to evaluate tho.

Also, I want to ask for a buff:
Mage Qcf p ender deals poor damage and gives almost no meter. Give it damage or more meter, but currently it’s almost useless

Overall I 'm happy with him tho, it’s really funny to play


The only things I don’t like are… well, most of the button changes.

I don’t like the new Warrior j.HP angle, or animation for that matter. It’s not nearly as low-angled as before, so timing is considerably more important. The animation doesn’t make much sense in context of a groundbounce either, as he swings the club sideways and inward. The frame data changes I absolutely understand, same with fixing up the hitbox because that crossup was silly. I just miss the old angle.

Similarly, Mage j.MP/HP both lost almost all of their backwards thrust. I hadn’t experimented enough figure out to make good use of this feature, but now it feels somewhere between way-too-short and non-existent, which I don’t really like.

Losing cancellability on Mage b.MP also hurts. I can see how in some MU’s it must’ve been brutal to deal with, but it’s not like you’d ever be able to keep Mage for enough of the match to revolve around abusing the large-hurtbox opposition with near fullscreen high/low. And Mage’s damage is pitiful to boot… and it can still be low profiled by lots of the cast. I can’t tell if it’s good for anything other than checking movement from hella far.

It is what it is though. Still gonna play the hell out of this character. I adore stance characters, and his is the most fun and interesting stance swap mechanic I’ve ever played with.

EDIT: @oTigerSpirit I’m not sure what you mean. Could you provide an example or so of moves it grabs that it shouldn’t? Is it like, buggy? Or just not used to getting grabbed out of certain stuff? I haven’t played much with him yet, so I haven’t noticed any such nuances.


It’s hard to explain as it is more of a feel thing than it is an in-game occurrence.

It is only during his Warrior Stance and his grab seems to have priority over things where it shouldn’t. I’ll do some lab work to elaborate what exactly I am talking about.

I’ll mention @TheNinjaOstrich since it was him I was grabbing and he has a similar impression about his grab.

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@MDMMORNING, I have noticed you posting really nice replies and good analysis from some time ago. I would like to have some sets against you someday, I’m curious about your gameplay :slight_smile:

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Against which character?

He used Kim but it feels like that against all characters. It might be range, then again it may be priority, not too sure.

Oh hey, that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! Thanks!

I’m working (slowly) on becoming online-capable. I’m pretty tech-dumb, and have an unorthodox apartment-building internet distribution situation that makes getting into matches pretty well impossible for now. I do keep a little post-it near my PC with peoples GT’s whom I owe sets to once I get it solved, and I’ll very gladly add your name to it!

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Throw beats both normals and specials if timed right. Since Eyedol has great grab reach and Kim doesn’t, it’s common that the Eyedol players try to grab, and Kim uses a normal. If both hit at the same time, throw wins, so it’s frequent win poke wars with throws against short ranged characters.

Aganos, the character with longest throw reach, benefits greatly from this against all in general, Kim in particular

So theoretically speaking, if timed right, can he throw Jago on the startup frames of his DP now?

I remember it could before which was another reason to add to his brokenness.

His grab does reach super far for a command grab (not including the f. or b. versions), and has unusually long startup. If I recall (it might have changed, I still haven’t checked on his frame data) it’s like 8f startup. Those two weirdnesses together may be contributing to the feeling.

I did not know he could snatch Jago out of a DP with it. Are all of Jago’s DPs fully invincible though? If not, I guess that would explain it?

No, dps are throw invulnerable.

But before this patch, you could:
Get knocked down-wake up instinct-see a throw attempt -shadow windkick

Since shadow windkick is no longer throw invulnerable, now you would lose, so use dp instead

I know about his windkick, but I rarely ever woke up with it. I always wake up with DP’s. I remember he grabbed me out of it. Could’ve been because I input the move late, just remember it was horribly unbalanced.

Jago has a true DP which means all strengths are invulnerable.


Nah, every dp is throw invulnerable. Maybe you mistimed the input.

One of the few throwable dps was Glacius puddle punch, and now some versions are true reversals

Speaking of DPs, which version of Eyedol’s dp should be used on wake up? I can’t check the command list to read the differences atm lol

Oi. That’s what I thought. In that case, correctly timed, Warrior 3P should most definitely NOT beat DP. I hope it doesn’t do that anymore, or that it was just a timing issue… I just don’t want the poor Ogre to be busted no mo’!

@Blade4693 LP/EX DP are his wake-ups.


Yeah for the record, I’m not talking about his command grab. I’m talking about his regular grab. Disregarding the dp thing, it just seems too good for a regular grab. Also, his run doesn’t factor into it, as he can still grab while moving normally.

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