3.4.2 patch notes

Hey everyone, these are a little down-and-dirty. Here’s the goodness that 3.4.2 brings:

System Changes:
Fixed a bug where rising from a knockdown and attempting to back dash caused players to forward dash instead.

-Fixed a bug where Aria’s inputs could become reversed after performing Air Crescendo and Shadow Crescendo.

-Fixed a bug where Hisako would perform a forward dash when inputting a back dash following Descent.

-Fixed a bug where the player’s inputs were reversed after a back throw.

-Fixed a bug where the player would not face the opponent when performing Shatter and Hail if the opponent swapped sides.

Shadow Lords

  • Various backend and Multiplayer bugfixes.

Good stuff.

Will the fixes to dashing also apply to blocking and situations outside of wakeup? Just curious as the wording of the notes doesn’t specifically specify this.

Nothing about riptors run stopping as soon as she goes under putting her in recovery? Oook

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Well that explains the update I received. Thanks now I can give SL a go is the bug fixed for unlocking the stage?

I’ve just checked and blocking a cross up on wakeup is still reversed so you hold towards it.

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So it’s partially fixed?

Apparently so, blocking meaty setups isn’t ambiguous anymore, although if you can set up a not quite meaty or meaty cross up you can create some nasty ambiguous cross ups or “fake” cross ups. Ironically obvious meaty cross ups which can be a few frames late are a complete guess on which way to block and actual ambiguous meaty cross ups are always blocked in the same direction.

So sadira’s still the best character in the game then right now…wonderful.

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And Spinal is still majorly debilitated so GGs.

What’s wrong with spinal? Is there something else I don’t know about that’s affecting spinal?


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Spinal relies on a lot of meaty cross up setups that can be ambiguous which no longer can be, you just block the original direction. He has ways to set up the aforementioned meaty or not mixup but they are much more limited than other characters.

Doesn’t this work in spinal’s favor? Since (especially in the moment) blocking is hardwired into back and downback so reversing said inputs would be a huge thing for him.

It’s what’s giving sadira a big advantage right now. She can just do her regular stuff she wins simply because you literally cannot block like you would normally. I also notice that blocking after flipouts (or just doing stuff in general) is odd. I mean I go to do something but since I’m still in the flipout but then see an attack I know will beat me so I go to block but…I still get snagged because…??? I dunno.

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now this makes sense, yeaterday i was playing a great sadira in ranked and i could have sweared i blocked her instinct bs but i got hit every single time. so so annoying

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When is this patch being released?

Should i worry about my progress in Shadow Lords, i don’t want the progress i ve been doing to waste, currently on turn 60+

Spinal’s main setups are all meaty skull teleport mixups which cannot be delayed to be not quite meaty and so you always just block the original direction. The recovery on skeleport also means that you cannot get behind them and meaty them with a button as off a forward throw you don’t recover in time and off a back throw they get up so slow that if you skeleport behind with enough time to meaty they actually get up facing the right way and the bug isn’t activated. You can forward throw then skeleport into meaty/delayed boneshaker but it is much less compensation than other characters got (many chars can set up really nasty setups with this bug whereas Spinal’s bugged setups are much less effective).

Oh my god. I’m so happy this is fixed. I HATE when that happens.

Very disappointed this didn’t simply say “reverted all input system changes brought in 3.4” since whatever that was supposed to accomplish seems irrelevant to basically everyone, and it has only created problems.


This is ridiculous. Things were fine, they messed up crossup dash directions in latest patch and cant revert it? Seriously wtf…