2 little questions about the S3 Character Select Screen

[Sorry for my bad english]
Okay, those questions may be a little silly, but:

##1 - All the characters on the left side are staring at the right side: (And vice-versa)

But… Except Hisako…

Why Hisako is the only character in the right side that is not staring at the left side?
Because many character that was staring at the right side on Season 2 was changed to stare at the left side in Season 3: (Or vice-versa)

Red: Character that have change the side that he/she was staring in Season 3
Yellow: Hisako
Season 2:

Season 3:

##2 - Why the order of the characters are like that:

Season 1: Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Thunder, Shadow Jago, Sadira, Orchid, Spinal and Fulgore
Season 2: TJ Combo, Maya, Kan-Ra, Riptor, Omen, Aganos, Hisako, Cinder and ARIA
Season 3: Kim Wu, Tusk, Arbiter, Rash, ???, ???, ???, ???

Why the order is not in the “Launch Order”?
Why Shadow Jago is in the middle of Thunder and Sadira if he is the last character of Season 1? (And the “secret boss”) :confused:
Why Kim Wu is the first in the order if Rash was the first revealed? :confused:

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… think you are thinking too much


the only thing I can be sure of is that Shago is in the middle because he is one of the “bonus” characters, just like omen. It also makes me think that the random select icon is place-holding a bonus character, and once it is revealed and released the random icon will be moved to below the grid like the one in season 2.

But that’s just my opinion


Maybe I am… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the order characters appear is overthinking a lot. I do think Shago is in the middle just to link up with Omen. Regular characters on left and right on all 3 lines.

I will say I am not too hooked up on the character order or where shadow jago is placed, but I will admit now that I am looking at it, Hisako looking the other direction is really weird. Might be an error?

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Don’t think it’d be THAT hard to just flip the hisako image if it bothers people a lot.

I also like how the Random Select Icon is “separating” the 4 launch characters (Rash, Kim Wu, Arbiter and Tusk) from the 4 more characters that will launch though the Season! ^^

I say put a KI logo in the background between the fighters. That’s old school KI

Isn’t Hisako facing to the left already? She’s sort of looking up left because of the way she angles her head.

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Hisako-chan needs to look more presentable when taking a photo.

But in some “things that some people saw early”, Hisako was staring at the left side like everyone else on the right side, but now she still look like in Season 2

Hisako-chan need to smile in the next photos :3

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It’s actually perfect amount of thinking for people who are into graphic design. In design you usually want to lead the readers eyes to specific parts of the content being presented. Visit /r/graphic_deisgn on reddit some time and people will call out designs on the smallest of details. There is even a specific sub reddits for typography and man if they saw that “VS” people would have a field day at how terrible the V looks. Should have used a different font.


Hisako is looking left, it’s just hard to see her eyes. If you imagine seeing her whole body with that image, it’d be like she’s walking to the right and looking back over her shoulder to the left.

The ocd is strong with this one

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Ordering seems fine to me. I like it a lot more than I like season 2’s ordering, where they’ve swapped (Fulgore, Shadow Jago) and (Cinder, ARIA), which has pissed me off to no end. In the case of season 3 with Shago put in the middle, I feel the argument for doing so instead of putting him at the end (group him with the other bonus character, etc.) holds a lot more weight than the season 2 swaps. (Seemingly because “boss” characters should be centred? Fuck off.)

The way they’ve arranged the season 3 row is peculiar. This might be reading too much into it, but you assume that there will eventually be a reflective symmetry about the random select icon along the third row, we could be seeing two more guest characters this season. Combined with subtle hinting about the Chief in Arbiter’s reveal and hinting that we might want to see the Halo world championships finale thing, you could shakily speculate that Eyedol fanboys everywhere are about to get their rage on over the reveal that maybe the last slot Eyedol could show up in is being sniped by the Master Chief himself.


Clearly the bonus characters are in the middle.

As for Hisako, it looks like her head is leaning to the right but she is in fact looking to the left.

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Everything is on point,

beside the ordening, it’s just fine the way it is now

Hisako is facing the right way. Get head is not dashing the same direction of her eyes. Her eyes are in the same direction as everyone else.