2 kind of be honest

I hope raam is in his beta form and IG works on him at least another 2 weeks, what do u guys think?


he is on his beta stage dere

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OK so he will be released later this month thank God he fills incomplete

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He’s not in beta. He’s officially released. It’s done.


:disappointed: why if why

RAAM is the worst release yet (coming from a huge Gears fan mind you), and judging from online polls I am not alone in thinking this. And 3 guest characters in S3 reeks of desperation. KI didn’t need to go the Smash Bros route. Still love this game, but I definitely disagree with the S3 direction.

*RAAM does look like an unfinished character.


I thought it was just me watching him and then finally getting a chance to play him a little this morning. Just about everything about him seems unfinished…or something…idk. I don’t like his instinct though. It’s hard to see.

I also thought he felt unfinished but then I understood. He only has 1 linker and 3 doubles animation cuz he’s supposed to have weak in-combo mixup. He gets most of is damage from grab mixups, and it’s damn fun when you get in the Groove:)

I feel as raam isn’t bad but he feels unfinished compared to the rest of the cast and especially the other guests. Look at arbiter, he has grenades that recapture, 18 bullets that you use the right trigger to do, extra health. Rash has his taunt, the tongue, a unique throw. While Aran in my opinion has only 2 moves stab and kryll the only difference is one a strike and the other is a command grab and his stomp thing is half unique because it’s basically a just tusk jump stab thing.

He does have one really fun thing it is the ditto both pop instinct at the same time you can’t see anything especially on spinal stage in heavy rain.

I feel like most of the characters keits designed are complex, tons of moves and options. That’s probably why a relatively simple character like RAAM looks unfinished.

I think we have been spoiled by the other characters



He is basically Zangief with debuff mechanics and OTGs. Close command grab, running grab and anti air special that hits on both sides… also has some sort of focus cancel. They took the gief base and build upon it. He’s not even that simple compared to other FGs standards.

Part of me has a feeling they could have just taken the framework for Raam… and made Eyedol instead… Sad really.

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oh thank God they didn’t do itXD

I’m really tired of seeing the at first glance opinions of RAAM. I know it’s frustrating to have a character in contrast to the rest requiring thought in the process of playing them and that their true strengths aren’t so easy to grasp at face value like with Gargos or other characters. I can tell you from playing Thunder in season 1 and most of 2 that with a somewhat grappler archetype, they aren’t so easy to figure out and be at an advantage for, especially when it seem like there are so many other colorful moves whose worth are more apparently obvious like wind kick, endokuken, teleports, web traps, bugs, recaptures, etc.

But it’s DAY 2 of RAAM now. Stop calling him incomplete. The only thing incomplete is our analysis of him. Usually Keits stream shows us really good tech we may want to start with and build to more. At this point, it’s become such a ritual, a lot of people aren’t used to the character hitting this early and being thrown into the wild, and the community struggling for a starting point.

I’ve been playing him for a short while now, and from what I’ve learning, he’s a more careful character you have to approach, but his pure raw damage potential is probably the highest in the game. He has THE fastest command grabs (or really grabs PERIOD) in the game with all his normal versions be 3 frames of startup, and the shadow version being 2,0, which is basically UNREACTABLE. Good reads and smart play are the reward of this character.

Can he come off as a little basic? Yes, but this character is the first TRUE grappler, and not some grappler hybrid style, character the game has seen. Thunder may be somewhat of a grappler, but with his DP and high low mixups, he doesn’t fit the true grappler style, and niether does Gargos, Kan Ra, or Arbiter for that matter. While all equipped with command grabs, they don’t represent this true grappler archetype.

Zangief isn’t easy to play either, but the reward in shear damage from him makes it worth it to some players to utilize a very patient playstyle centered around punishing with powerful grapples like that, and given his monolithic size and his desire to stab, RAAM is simply terrifying. He’s the second tallest character in the game, outsizing Gargos by inches, and his Kryll moves can really put fear in you. And given he can punish a LOT of things that most of use conventionally find as “safe”, he’s capable of wrecking up the place.

You can’t take the character at face value and write him off. Give him some time, and you may be surprised at what he can do. I like this character, admittedly better than any season 3 character so far. Gargos seemed fun at first, but most matches devolved into a summon minions and portal punch to death kind of mentality, which while it wins easily usually, just seemed so boring and thoughtless, and this was one of the few Week Ofs I was honestly rooting against Max, it was just so boring and almost cheap to watch. I like Max, but his Gargos week of just wasn’t that fun to watch.

This is not a character with some win button specials, this is a character requiring a planned approach and good reads, a real mental character with darn high rewards for the risk he takes. I like him a LOT.


RAAM is super fun to play and is a awesome character…but i agree his animations seem a bit stiff even for someone like RAAM

His animations are not T.J Bad…but not Spinal or Riptor good

You guys need to wait until tender moments for explanation it seems, I’ve watched other people play with him just fine, maybe after understanding his traits you will see how he can be effective, and how to approach him… plus every character will not suit every player

It’s fine to not like it. But how does it “reek of desperation?”


I feel like no one would be thinking he feels incomplete if he was released at the end of the month and no one was confused about whether this was his full release or not.

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I played against @Dayv0 and he was killing me with RAAM he is slow but you have to be careful once he grabs you and knocks you down because that’s where he can mix it up off of the stomping

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