16 Minutes of Shadow Lords Story Mode

here is the gameplay!


they had THREE attempts at a story mode, and this is what they can do?

why couldn’t they JUST do a plain arcade mode with GOOD CUTSCENES? just 4 or 5 HIGH-quality cutscenes per character with decent writing? there are 90’s fighting games with more polished story modes.

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Your opinion. I prefer this approach. Don’t demand as if you should be satisfied above everyone else please


Guilty Gear aside, are there REALLY 90’s fighters with more polished story mode? Or is that just nostalgia?

I hadn’t noticed that you high-jacked and duped this cat’s thread topic for the sake of complaining. I replied to the other one thinking it was an edit of this one.

To the OP, I’m sorry I contributed to a bogus, stolen thread.

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If you watch the video, there is cut scenes that you unlock and can watch whenever you want


I’m not gona spoil anything for myself so I’ll wait.

Eeeeeh, to be honest I dont know what to think about this mode, looks kinda… messy to me. I feel like I would prefer to play more online matches than toy with this test your luck ripoff.






I wonder how much it cost to bring about this mode. I will agree, that it does seem sloppy. Would much rather them to just use artwork, than spin the camera around existing assets. It just looks silly.

I’ll give it a try, but I don’t think I’ll spend much time with it, unless there are some accessories to unlock.

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I don’t see anything " sloppy " or " messy " about it. What exactly is it that you guys don’t like ?


Can’t wait for September 20th!

Oh and you guys forgot to mention how Kim falls in love with Jagos awesometacularness and after the invasion they live happily ever after. :sweat_smile:


I guess this is an attempt to get to the casuals. I get it. It’s the smart move. But, I just wish that efforts were concentrated on polishing up some of the character models, retros Etc. That would really make my day. I’ll never play this mode.

God forbid they try something interesting with some replay-ability.


Wait, that video just said that Kan-Ra was brainwashed by Gargos to open the portal…
In season 2 it was ARIA that manipulated him into doing it so she could release Gargos…

Also, I noticed that at the start Eyedol, Gargos and Shago were locked out (yet Omen wasn’t and the non-canon guests are playable). I guess that makes sense for a story mode to preserve the story but I’ve seen Shago being used by Rukizel in Shadow Lords. I was really hoping for an Eyedol Mimic skin… Hopefully all the cast gets them, even Gargos’ allies just to be fair.

Seriously. Other than unlocking the Astral Plane and mimic skins, can someone explain what is the incentive to play this mode?

Fun, man. The incentive is to have fun.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the single player experience one hundred percent. I just want to know if we are going to get somethings we have been asking for a very long time: New accessories, colors, and possibly a third costume for each character.

Man, those load times for fights. :disappointed:

Astral Plane would be the only reason I play this mode. If unlocked, can it be used in online matches?

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Colors, yes. The rest, don’t know, but I doubt it. Budget is finite, and SL looks like it was both expensive and time consuming - and it’s also free, so there is little guarantee of return on investment.