16 Minutes of Shadow Lords Story Mode

So then why not just create more accessories, colors, and a third costume and tie the unlocks to an increased ranking system from level 50 to 100 while revamping the Arcade to a traditional ladder? Which possibly could have cost them less money.

Cause it’s not “original” enough for some folks…I would much prefer your angle though. Hands down.

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Which is ironic because fighting games, especially this one, borrow so heavily from each other. It’s difficult at times to understand how creators can look at the success of cosmetic DLC in other fighting games and how much of a demand there is for these types of things. Maximillian used to speak very frequently about things he wanted to see more of in KI and costumes/accessories/colors were mentioned very often.

I’m not watching it cause I don’t want the story to be spoiled, but all previous gameplay that I have seen makes SL look like its right up my alley.

But this is turning into another boring ol’ complaint thread, so don’t let me stand in your way of looking at everything negatively.

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looks like fun

ARIA didn’t really manipulate Kan-Ra it was more a batman gambit (look it up on tv tropes). Yeah setting him free was intentional but that’s about it as far as “manipulation” goes. After that, she just let Kan-Ra did his own thing gambling that he will summon the portal. And luckily (for her at least) it worked.

Do you remember when people used to play videogames for fun?

Ahh, the good old times… I feel old now…


We knew it wasn’t going to be marvel or DC quality from jump so I’m not disappointed.

I am however disappointed in what seems to be ‘skins’ in the form
of cloudy green characters. Just give me a color of the outfit please.

Wtf is that

According to season 2 she let him steal the core from Glacius’ ship, so he would open the portal and release Gargos and she could rally mankind behind her cause. Gargos had nothing to do with it, as far as I could tell. Then again the story mode from each season totally retcons everything before so I shouldn’t be surprised.

huh where it says that? :confused:

Plus didn’t Kan-Ra’s backstory say that Gargos had some influence on him in order to release him.

This looks really good to me. It would be especially awesome if it was multiplayer for three people where each person could be a character. Can’t wait till September.

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To be fair, it hasn’t been said/confirmed that mimic skins are the only unlockable skins that they are offering. They might be offering the mimics plus more. We don’t know. Plus, when people saw that fulgore mimic, they (including myself) asked for it to be unlockable and now we’re getting it so that’s a plus.

Play the season 2 story mode, the end of ARIA’s specifically that she left Kan-Ra “breadcrumbs” showing the device so that he would open the portal and release Gargos.

(I’m just going on what the in-game story says, not the novella or whatever else.)

The only thing I don’t like is micro transactions. But we did receive ki gold with ultra editions plus we can earn currency in game so I guess it’s okay. It just reminds me of mobile games with a bunch a micoro transactions, like candy crush for example.

Pretty sure they were going to be unlockable regardless of whether we asked or not.

Maybe. But we don’t know that. The point is, people like the mimic skins.

Honestly, I think it’s best to just go by the novella and backstories. Ya get less headaches that way.

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Its a sad day when the in-game story is less important than the stuff you read off on some website.

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From the way I see it, S2 story mode is sort of like the “beta” of the overall story and the novella and backstories are the finished product.

All the more reason hoping those two would be later added to read in-game.