12/9 Textual Stream - The One that Wraps the Community Survey

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I thought it was great to, did it have problems? yeah it did, but i’m glade i’ve seem it.

but if we do get an egyptian character, why not Horus?

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Don’t know if its just me but i want this guy in KI


Well now we could just add anything in the world just chop a man’s head off and add anything atop its shoulders and it’s ‘cool’

New request! DOORKNOB man AWESOME! Put him in KI !!!


Sarcasm aside

when I read this the first thing to pop into my head was a headless horseman in KI!! But without the horse. The actual term I think is a dullahan a headless spirit. It could possess a headless suit of armor (black knight style) and wield a scythe!!!


Am I doing it right?


Just think-
The premium accessories could be- a HUMAN HEAD!


Sounds good to me.


Not to mention hat Horus is a very important god in egypt.


Yeah the big names would be Horus, Osiris, Anubis, and Ra, and there are of course more. But any of those would be awesome additions, and the kicker is an automatic connection to Kan Ra as his master. Just like having Dracula from Castlevania lords of Shadow or bloodrayne would give instant connection to Mira as her master and the one that turned her.


That would be true, but Kan-ra is Babylonian, not Egyptian, so there wouldn’t be a direct correlation there.

After all, there wasn’t an instant correlation between Arby and Glacius, and they’re both “aliens”.

And besides, any possible correlation between an Egyptian deity and Kan-ra can easily be explained away by simply mentioning that while they may have been aware of each other, they have no connection storywise.


Oops. OK I stand corrected

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I would just like to suggest that if they include a “Sharkman” character I would contribute to a community fund for …

Left Sharkman! His moves only come out half the time and they are always late.


Ill take Katty Perrry over the shartman


Kate Perry is OP.

Left Sharkman hype!


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Well, I wouldn’t want a shartman either. He’d stink up the roster! :poop:

Stupid censored emoji… :confused:

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Gargos is a deity too


As he said it would be a lot harder to get doom guy in or any non Microsoft owned ip in the game and even if they did eventually they will need to be removed from purchase due to the license to use them expiring.

I rather have Joanna ho will always be available to buy get in and I feel she fits zz


What about bloodrayne, can we use her? I like her better anyway.




I know Mira is supposed to be IG answer for a vampiric charactwr, but I still like bloodrayne better. I think IG could make her look stellar.