12/9 Textual Stream - The One that Wraps the Community Survey

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they would have to make her blood black too due the T rating issue. Mira is a dark maya so having a variation of Mira is too much. Anyway, ig owns bloodrayne’s ip?


I actually don’t remember who owns bloodrayne


Tbh im not surprised. She is crazy loved by many players.

She got voted into many Top 10 / Top 50 best female Video game characters of all time.

Some actually believe she always had red hair. She actually had short brown hair in the first installment.

The red hair is from PDZ only.

I hope she gets into KI (and maybe later a fully new PD Game).


Bloodrayne is owned by Majesco Entertainment i believe.


Oh that’s right. Out of curiosity how hard would it be to get the rights from Majesco? Is Majesco even still aeound? Haven’t heard of them doing anything since the bloodrayne series ended.


According to wikipedia they merged with some tech company and dropped out of the entertainment business.


Then since the original company is dead, I would think that would make the rights to the IP easy to acquire right?


Ok! It’s time for some Kilgore action from devs… And a “little” surprise for yours. All of you wanna see Ultimate, right?! So let’s see the video below that IG uploaded on Yt last 10 minutes ago:

Thanks A LOT Kraig and all IG/MS Team. I apreciate it! :grinning:



Season 4 pretty much confirmed. Keits and isaac asked us to find the hint. Galactic greek had already said this. The 4 wins for jago is not a coincidence.:smile:

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wow i havent been on the forums in a minute, but yes i did have an Egyptian God esque character made for KI named Azenath, credits to Rizza D. Marco for the art he made of this character


Hell yeah that looks awesome. And I thought it was an actual leak of the next character.


I remember. I Still think it’s a really cool Idea!


ive had to consistently rewrite his origin as KIs universe was expanded upon, but if you’d like to know what ive written, feel free to DM me, i dont wanna derail the thread

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