Zombies Chronicles

So for those of you do not know, DLC 5 aka Zombies Chronicles has been announced and not only that, we got the first gameplay today as several youtubers have released gameplay of the remade Moon.
The maps that are getting remade are:

Nacht Der Untoten
Shi No Numa
Kino Der Toten
Shangri La

So who else here is hyped for these remasterd maps? I have been a Zombies fan for years and cant wait. Its coming first on PS4 (Which I dont have :cry:) May 16th!


Been a cod zombie veteran since World at War. Best of times ever.

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Going to be really awesome. Not too big a fan of the $29.99 price tag, but for what it’s worth, I am paying for the memories of classic zombies!

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Man, when’s Treyarch just gonna release a standalone zombies collection? That’d be awesome! Play through all the maps, have an Edition select for the ones that have been in multiple games, maybe a mode that’d give you some co-op partners if you don’t have friends and don’t wanna deal with XBL…

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I would say its pretty obvious they have they fanbase for it. They would surely make money off of it
But Ig with the release of zombies chronicles it’s clear they don’t intend on a standalone zombies game. RIP