Zeymar's character work


You’re work is great! IG should hire you as one of their character designers. But what new characters would you think of next with the coming of Gargos?


Wooo thank you :flushed:

I’m glad to know that you like my drawings and ideas!

I hope to see a Frankenstein, but something like the Voldo from SC, bizarre, twisted, contortionist etc. A different Frankenstein

A water monster

A vampire, do not care whether man or woman, but it is “ugly”

These three would be the ideal season for me, along with Gargos closes the 8 characters from season 3

But there are so many possibilities. I’m excited to see who will be the next characters. The original to me, are always the most interesting

And to you? What would be your ideal for season3?

And again, thanks man :kissing_heart:


So hard to think of since this is the Gargos saga.

A dhampir (half-breed vampire), whose family is of a vampire father & human mother. The dhampir learns to control the vampirism within while Sabrewulf wishes for a cure to be rid of it. He/she can manipulate blood to create weapons.

An elder fighter who is of the Night Guard in Asia. Someone following Gen, Gen Fu, Shun Di, Wang, Shujinko, Gouken & Heihachi.

A detective based off of Sherlock Holmes, Batman, Rorschach & John Constantine.

A mad scientist with albino skin serving Ultratech. Based on Mister Sinister, Tombstone, Shang Tsung, Victor Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde & James Moriarty. The detective’s archenemy. I feel for Kan-Ra as KI’s “Shang Tsung”. Perhaps the mad scientist will be KI’s Quan Chi.

A windy character to complete the elemental set.

A psychic kunoichi who is one of Ultratech’s experiments in evolving humans into mutants.

A blonde fighter following Black Widow, Sonya/Cassie Cage, Sarah Bryant, Cammy/Decapre, Nina Williams, Jill Valentine, Crimson Viper & Alice. She’ll be a new female serving Ultratech as an agent when Sadira leaves to serve Gargos.

An Ultratech agent based on Agent Smith, Albert Wesker & Wonder Man. Instinct mode: Ionic energy!

A gunslinger? Perhaps something Kurtis Stryker, Erron Black & Judge Dredd.

A wrestler who would be one of TJ Combo’s rivals. I’m thinking a mix of Bane, Zangief, King & various wrestlers of the WWE.

An ape can probably work if developed by Ultratech. Something “Planet of the Apes” & “Sun Wukong”. Riptor’s new look got inspiration from Primal Rage. The ape/monkey can go through the same thing.

A speedster, can be a former racer turned superhero. Following, Kabal, Flash & Quicksilver. And Sonic the Hedgehog!

So many characters to choose.

What do you think?

Have you also thought of the characters’ music?

From what I see in your wendigo? I can picture it as a mix of Julia & Michelle Chang with Sasquatch from Darkstalkers.

As for your “Sanada”, seems Hisako is taken now.

And since Raiden, Fujin & Shinnok. As gods, maybe KI can add a demigod into KI.

Check out these.

MK’s 3D characters weren’t well good. Some good but some don’t get popularity ranks.

Sanada and Wendesday are my favorite.

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Were you by any chance inspired by JOJOs Bizzare Adventure when you made this concept?